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Oct 30

Now more and more clients from China recognise GN as an international brand. More and more local big companies comes to GN for a solution, especially the people who heard GN international brand.HDD mud recycling system is one of GN main separation solution for no-dig drilling mud recycling and cleaning. This week, GN finished the fabrication of one set HDD mud recycling system for Sinopec. Now the system is in GN assembling workshop waiting for delivery.

To make it more proper for transportation, it have been designed as containerized system, container sized tanks, frames, and all the equipment built into. As most of the times, the 500gpm standarized equipment as below.

Shale shaker GNZS703F is the first stage separation equipment to remove the coarse solids. GNZJ703F-1S8N mud cleaner 2 units centrifugal pump are equipped in the system for feeding the drilling mud to the hydrocyclone units for smaller sand and silt separation. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD is last stage sepa.ration equipment for fine solids separation
Well it is still not a must for all the equipment, depends on clients requirement, mixing section, desander desilter section can be optional, but normally when our clients want to do this, we need make sure there is enough reason to do this, or the whole system will not be capable to the job.
Free pre-sales consultancy from GN professional sales team, contact us when you are interested in.

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Oct 21
Solids Control or Separation? What is now GN offering
Few days ago, got a call from client, we need the desanding unit, as shown in your separate flyer, with understanding now you are doing oil sludge separation, this is a different application. Got very confused actually after that call, well yes, we did quite some projects on oil sludge treatment, and it is getting better and better business, yet if you still stay with GN, you will understand.
GN Solids Control still a solid liquid separation company, we are doing separation job. In oil gas, we are offering packages of solids control, waste management, and oil sludge treatement; for civil projects, we are offering desanding units, self contained compact mud systems; in coring diamond drilling, we are supplying small mud systems; for mining, we are offering system, solid bowl decanter centrifuges; for food industry, we are offering various decanter centrifuge for option.


And in other application, we still offering separation solution, once we did helping a ship to prepare a separation system to help them get rid of all the staff from ship deck and ship body after a long trip.

And below is GN Product Lines

Expecting your call…

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Apr 11

GN Solids Control just exported to mud cleaning system to European, which including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump and jet mud mixer

Mini Solids Control System

1. One set of GNZS752E-DM shale shaker with two panels shaker screen.710mm low weir height is easily for cutting transport to shaker

2. Desilter consist of 4 desilter cones and one set GNZS752E shale shaker, which is small capacity

European market has really high standard and stringent rules for the oilfields equipment. However, GN has proved our equipment quality to the world again. GN is the first API certification solids control equipment manufacturer in China. Also, GN Solids America LLC is the first USA based solids control company from China, with branches in USA, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East.GN has exported waste management equipment over 60 countries. All of the results showed us that GN is striding to world and service different country.

In the future, we will be based on the high quality, fast service and convenient spare parts to service the world. Our client is very satisfied with our equipment, and cooperation will be continued between us and European buyer

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Apr 07

Just the past Beijing Drilling Show CIPPE on 19~21 March, GN again show her elegant demeanour to people who come to our booth.

GN at CIPPE 2012


GN Participated CIPPE last year

Last year, although GN first time attended CIPPE 2011, she made a shock there. GN took 1 complete trailer mounted mud system there with all the necessary equipments. Many experts and business men came to GN booth for viewing and learn more about solids control. Also from then, GN let the public keep her in mind.

What has GN done this CIPPE

This year, GN booked a booth of 250m2 which is the largest one in all the manufacturer for Solids Control Equipments. Once more, GN gave the audience a superise. Not only, GN brought a Hydraulic Jackup mud system them, also, GN show her new products-Vertical Cutting Dryer which attracted lot attention from audience.
Besides the above mentioned, GN’s mini mud cleaner also received good remarks. It is really a good choice for smaller treating capacity mud recycling project. Continue reading »

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Dec 02
GN shale shaker

GN shale shaker

Shale shaker is one type major solids control equipment used in oilfield drilling, HDD or other drilling projects. Nowadays, the most advantaged shale shaker is the balanced elliptical shale shaker, while the most popular used is the linear motion shale shaker. What is the difference between the linear motion and balanced elliptical shale shaker.  Let’s talk something about it.

Shale shaker generation developing

As we known, the second generation shale shaker is Elliptical motion, the third generation is linear motion and the fourth generation is balanced elliptical motion. Many clients often regard the fourth generation as elliptical motion, however, that is an incorrect understading about it. Please refer the pictures below, you could find the difference of these two vibration mode:

Linear Motion

Linear Motion

Linear motion shale shaker often apply 2 vibrating motor with same power, but the vibrating direction is opposit horizontal. At the vertical direction, the vibrating force produced by 2 motors will reduplicate. Thus the vibrationg mode is a linear and forward direction.

While on a Balanced elliptical shale shaker, the 2 vibrating motors are different in power, that results an unbalanced force counteracting. So the vibration mode will be like that (shown in below picture.)

Balanced Elliptical Motion

Balanced Elliptical Motion


The balanced elliptical shale shaker is a production from combination of commerce and science. GN  BEM shaker won the National technology progress awards.

By now, we have exported many sets BEM shale shaker to our customers, if you want learn more about shale shaker or need a quote, just feel free to contact with us.

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Sep 19

Mud Tank is widely used in the oilfield mud recycling system not only as the vessel of drilling mud, but also as the base of the drilling mud treatment equipments. In a complete mud recycling system for the oil well drilling rig, there would be many tanks involved. Sometimes, all these tanks looked same from out shape, and connected by pipeline; while other times, these tanks are various in demension and independent for different function. These tanks maybe given different names by different supplier, now, we will talk about the tank with name from GN Solids Control.

mud tank system

mud tank system


Mud Tank as Shaker Tank

From the shaker tank, we are getting into the mud cleaning system, in general condition, we will install shale shaker on the tank surface, and the quantity of shale shaker depends on the treating capacity of the system. In order to remove the gas from the drilling mud and enhance the efficiency of the following centrifugal pump which feed the mud to cyclone seperator, we could, as per the client requirment, install a vacuum degasser behind the shale shaker. If there is still enough space on the tank surface, we could install the desander, desilter or mud cleaner on it. However, we always install the mud cleaner in the next tank to prevent the crowded layout on tank surface, then we get into the next tank.

Continue reading »

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Jan 21

In piling construction industry mud cleaner with desander or desilter and shale shaker is also a very important part for clients to recycling the piling drilling mud,bentonite.

Following is cilents inquiry for desander desilter for piling drilling mud recycling:

We are a construction company specialized in pile drilling. We are executing construction of piles of 2000mm diameter and 54meter depth. Please suggest equipment for following purpose;
Please find below the purpose of purchasing equipment and our concerns;

  1. Clean and wash the Pile drilling hole after completing drilling from solids& cutting materials
    Piling Desander

    Piling Desander

  2. Reuse the drilling fluid(bentonite mixed) for other drilling.
  3. The required rate of cleaning may be 90 m3/hr. (may be Model :GNZJ83-2 Mud Cleaner with desander and desilter)
  4. The Piling drill depth is 54 meter.Do we also need submersible pump to feed the mud cleaner? or some other arrangement?
  5. Please send the operational procedure of the mud cleaning.

    GN proposed mud cleaner is with desander and shale shaker combined unit.

Model:    GN100 Desander Unit
Treating capacity:100m3/h
Separation particle size:≥74μm
Vibrating motor    Pump motor
Desander cone:FX200 x2
Desander unit Weight:2000kgs Continue reading »

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