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Dec 07

GN decanter centrifuge can be employed for drilling mud treatment method, waste water treatment, to clear out fine solids from water medium, thus to adjust often the physical property of the chemical medium, eg. Viscosity, occurrence, weight etc . GN typically offer high speed & middle acceleration centrifuges, treating volume can also be different from small capacity to huge capacity.
GN mini centrifuge
GNLW 223 is usually GN mini centrifuge, little capacity, high speed, which can be useful for waste water treat to get diamond drilling. The speed could reach to 3800RPM along with treating volume is about 6m3/h. Price of GNLW223 is also suit for diamond drilling grounds.
GNLW553 is GN significant bowl big volume decanter centrifuge. The volume can be 500gpm and the speed is tweaked from 1800RPM to 2500RPM. The big bowl centrifuge is definitely specialized for fast going, or other type of program.
GNLW363 is GN hottest model centrifuge. We have through 150sets centrifuge for yearly sales amount. The centrifuge is widely used in solids control, drilling waste management, waste materials water, environmental projects and many others. For this model, we can present 4 types centrifuge:
GNLW363CD fixed speed centrifuge, economical configuration
GNLW363CD-VFD variable velocity centrifuge, economic configuration
GNLW363CG fixed speed centrifuge, high quality configuration
GNLW363CG-VFD variable pace centrifuge, premium configuration
In connection with fixed speed centrifuge, we are able to offer 2200RPM, 2700RPM, 3200RPM bowl speed by adjusting the pulley with devices; variable speed centrifuge, it could be adjusted stepless from 0-3200RPM.
Regarding the production material, GN premium centrifuge is better than economical centrifuge, with better doing work performance and long life time.
Pls read more from GN website: GN decanter centrifuge

Except for drilling mud decanter centrifuge, GN can also present complete line of solids control equipment, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal penis pumps, shear pumps, screw sends, mud agitators, jet mud mixers, mud gun, mud tanks. GN can also present complete line of drilling squander management equipment, including Substantial G dryers, vertical cuttings dryer, waste management centrifuge, cuttings solidification unit, energy desorption unit etc .

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Feb 22

GN Decanter Centrifuge is using in the USA
GN Solids Control Co is a world famous company working on solids control and drilling fluids management for many years. Its headquarters is in Beijing, which is only 40 minutes from the Beijing airport.
Every year, there are thousands of containers shipping from Xingang sea port. Many shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers are exported to over 60 countries. As GN has opened one American branch company in Houston, TX and keeping a large warehouse for shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers, as well as some spare parts. GN is developing the USA market by providing excellent equipment and good after sales service.
Recently, one client in TX has been using GN decanter centrifuge GNLW363 with VFD control panel. Usually, for the variable speed decanter centrifuge, we’ll send our engineers to customer’s work site and help to commission and test running.

GN-decanter-centrifuge-in -USA
GNLW363 decanter centrifuge has the treating capacity of 130 GPM, the rotating speed can be adjusted easily on the VFD control panel. The differential speed can also be changed conveniently on the control panel. When all the parameters are preset by GN engineers, all the operators need to do is adjust the rotating speed of main motor and the different speed. The other parameters such as the second motor rotating speed will be changed automatically.
Due to there are many wires from GN decanter centrifuge are connected to the control cabinet, all the wires need to be fix in the right ports. For the main motor and the secondary motor, the operators need to be more careful.
The working principle of GN decanter centrifuge is the rotating difference between the bowl and the screw propeller. Sometimes, due to the operators are not connecting the feeding pump to GN control cabinet, there might be small chance the secondary motor wire connected with the feeding pump. Without the rotating of GN screw propeller, whatever you feed in, whatever you’ll get from the discharge port.
GN has the experienced engineers in TX, and whenever there’s a problem, GN can send engineers to solve the problems.

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Dec 21

Decanter centrifuge is ideal choices for separating fine particles in drilling mud.GN LW series centrifuge is designed for oilfield application. GN have different model for your different application from solids control and waste management.GNLW363VFD centrifuge is equivalent with Derrick DE-1000, or MI-Swaco 518.GNLW553VFD centrifuge is equivalent with Derrick DE-7200.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

The GNLW series Variable Frenquency Drive (VFD) Centrifuge offers the ultimate flexibility in system control,allowing it to proceess a wide range of feed slurries. The big bow centrifuge GNLW553 has a treating capacity up to 500 GPM. The drive system consistes of two explosion-proof motors. a 120HP motor drives the bowl and a 50HP motor drives the conveyor. Each of the motor drives and other peripheral device are controlled by an enviromentaly hardened PLC. The PLC and all devices communicate through a high-speed,machine level control network. PLC control offers operating flexibility and short term data storage so that critical parameters can be logged and displayed in trends.

For more information about GNLW series VFD centrifuges, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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Apr 05

GN Solids control ,a professsional oilfiled solids control equipment manufacture in China,every year we manufacture around 150 centrifuges ,this essay is to help you understand how to adjust interlock and bowl speed of centrifuge .

Centrifuge bowl speed adjustment

Centrifuge bowl speed adjustment

Adjustment of overload release and electric interlock

The distance between the roller and the drive plate should be appropriately adjusted. If the distance is excessive long, the electric protection will fail to function; if it is excessive short, the roller and the limit switch can easily be damaged.

After each action, the drive plate and the coupling should be reset. The safety pin, the roller and the limit switch should be inspected and replacement should be performed for any damage.

Adjustment of the rotation speed of bowl

The rotation speed of bowl is only allowed to be adjusted within the maximum active rotation speed specified in the specification or on the nameplate of the centrifuge.

Centrifuge speed adjustment

Centrifuge speed adjustment

For rated frequency centrifuge, change the main pulley with bigger or smaller diameter and longer or shorter V-belts as well to increase or decrease the rotation speed of bowl.

The bowl of the frequency conversion centrifugal machine can be speed up and down by turning “speed up” or “speed down” knob.

When the operating speed of rotating bowl is increased, smaller solid particle can be separated but the throughput will be reduced, the abrasion, vibration noise and load will be increased and the service life will be shortened.

Hence, it is recommended to rationally select bowl speed according to separation application or solid content in drilling mud. For example, select medium/low speed for recycling barite or high density slurry, select higher speed for medium density slurry, and select the highest speed for low density slurry.

Adjustment of differential speed

The differential speed of centrifuge is generally within the stipulated range and need not to be adjusted by customers. However, customers can only change this parameter within a small range by themselves.

For rated frequency centrifuge, the method is:  Pull out the original pulley of the back motor and install pulley with bigger or smaller diameter and belts for replacement. When the pulley of back motor is enlarged, the speed of the input shaft of gearbox will increase, the differential speed will decrease; contrariwise, the differential speed will increase. To the frequency conversion centrifugal machine, to turn the “speed up” or “speed down” knob can change the back motor so as to change rotational speed. Increase in motor speed causes decrease in differential, vice versa.

Excessively high differential speed may result in turbulence of fluid flow, disturb solid deposit and reduce slag discharge; while excessively low differential speed may cause conveyor blocked.

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Jan 12

During opertion ,oilfiled decanter centrifuge whether for solids control ,waste management or dewatering system,may become over vibrating or make louder noises,which influnce the performance of the centrifuge .GN solids control can provide you with 14”,18”and 21” decanter centrifuge

Oilfiled decanter centrifuge

Oilfiled decanter centrifuge

Why centrfuge over vibrating happen?

Centrifuge are designed and built  with the comprehensive utilization of a variety of knowledge to allows certain processing errors, including the balance for bowl and auger to achieve the centrifuge vibration control in the normal range. But if used improperly, it will destroy this design balance, resulting in a serious accident.

Centrifuge auger balncing

Centrifuge auger balncing

The rotor roates balancely below max speed or theory speed,for most  low speed centrifuges ,they can work up to theory peak speed. But as to high speed centrifuges ,normally there is a reference operation speed say 400~500  rpm less than the limited speed.There is a wide range of working speed for centrifuge from thousands to ten thousands  rotate per minutes ,the higher the speed ,the more dangerous.

Possible reasons caused unbalance ,over vibrating ,bigger noises.

1.If the earth is solid enough to hold the centrifuge ,earthquake happen?

2.Centrifuge rotor balance destroyed by wrong operation or worn out.

3.Wherther centrifuge tube and centrifuge cup are balanced installed?

4.Centrifuge level adjustment,the force is uniform?

5.Centrifugal shaft bended ,vibrate too serious?

Centrifuge Bowl Balancing

Centrifuge Bowl Balancing

Trouble shooting for over vibrating centrifuge .

Once the centrifuge over vibrate under running condition,lower the speed as much as you can ,all operation people stay away in case any break down of  shaft injure people.Do not cut off the electricity ,or you will lose the back drive power ,which will delay the time for speed down.Chck any possible reasons above and think of a solution.For more details ,pls contact us .


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