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Mar 31

Recently, we got news from competitors. Lots of solids control manufacturers close their office in Beijing, close their office in the downtown, close their office in USA, close their office in Russia…. All behavior shows that the drilling mud system suppliers want to reduce the production and operations cost, and they try to survive in this cold time.

BUT, GN Solids Control will keep normal operations and keep supporting the market even in the down time. Pls contact us freely at any time.


GN operations base at USA.

GN Solids Control USA office and warehouse is keeping in good operations. If you are close to USA or you can come to USA very convenient, we welcome your coming to visit GN Solids America LLC and check GN decanter centrifuges, GN vertical cuttings dryer, GN mud cleaner, GN shale shaker at GN Solids America LLC location.

GN operations base at Russia.

GN operation base at Russia also working there for over 2 years. In the past two years, we shake hands with many big drilling contractors, mud service companies and solids control equipment big distributors. The client slowly tend to trust GN product after some small orders. And from this year, we got big orders from Russia client, they need more centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer to support the drilling contracts.

GN operations base in Beijing, China.

GN already expand production capacity from last year. With more land for workshop and more high end technology mechanic process machine, GN solids control is growing up to big solids control company which can have similar reputation to USA brand solids control companies. We are attending CIPPE 2016 with the largest booth there in solids control field. 400 square meters booth at CIPPE will welcome each client from different countries, let’s talk more at the CIPPE and build health cooperation relationship for the upcoming project.

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Nov 06

Although the major share of GN products are used for oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control also occupies the first place in market share in HDD, CBM ,TBM and Loop Zero Discharge System. And among all GN HDD mud recycling systems, the 500 GPM capacity is the most popular among the users.
Picture below is one set of GNMS 500GL HDD System for a jobsite inside China, this is the 3rd project this system is used to serve and GN Solids Control sent engineer to jobsite help to re-set up of the system.

GNMS series mud recycling system is high standard configuration of GN mud recycling systems, they are perfect solution for HDD projects because:
1. GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker is a mature design of GN Solids Control, it use 3 pcs of shaker screens and the screen area is 2.63 cbm. Same as all the GN Shale Shakers, GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker uses the patented technology for the deck sealing in order to prevent leaking of liquid. Shaker deck frame is Stainless steel to have stronger structure for a longer service life. Unless its peer model GNZS703E-HB which is designed for oil and gas solids control system, this model of shale shaker is suitable for get fed via a submersible slurry pump from a mud pit. It is designed especially for the HDD projects.
2. GNZS-703E 1S8N mud cleaner is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd separation steps with desander cone and desilter cones, and the shaker below is used as a under shaker for both desander and desilter cones. GN choose polyurethane cyclones as the desander and desilter cones, more wear proof and longer service life than the metal material ones.
3. As high configuration of GN mud recycling systems, GNMS 500 GL has mixing hopper and mixing pumps for adding new chemicals into the well cleaned drilling mud after recycled. And this 500 GPM system has a larger storage capacity comparing with the standard GNMS 500G system.

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Jun 07

GN supply mud system to European country for drilling waste management.. Mud system comprises drilling fluid cleaning system, mud mixing system and mud storage system.

 1 Mud Cleaning System

 Two sets of GNGZ703E shale shaker are with ATEX certification motor and CE certification which are the European mud system standard requirement.

 One set of mud cleaner is including 2 10” desander and 12 4” desilter with 703 model shale shaker

 Also, there are two centrifugal pump which are feeding the mud to desander and desilter

 2 Mixing Mud System and Storage Mud System

  Mixing mud system is made of two centrifugal pumps and few mud agitators. GN highly effective mud agitators are able to mix the drilling mud prevent the sediment.

 Storage mud system is made of mud agitator and mud tank which storage enough drilling mud to assist drilling process

 GN solids control system is recognized by the EU market again. It proven that GN is with high quality drilling waste management equipment and advanced solids control system. Our equipment has been exported over 65 countries and areas with fast after-sale service and competitive price. Choosing GN as your partner is an absolutely perfect decision.

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May 18

Under the requirement of environmental regulation, vertical cutting dryer (vertical centrifuge ) is gained much attention from public. Cutting dryer is one kind of solution to deal with the oil based mud and synthetic base mud. Recently, GN Cutting dryer is also tested with water based mud which is widely recognized as  harder mud to separate solids without clogging. It is widely acknowledged that only high functional cutting dyer is able to deal with water based mud so GN cutting dryer is able to absolutely separator all kinds of mud

Compare to CSI Cutting Dryer, GN cutting dryer advantages

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

1.  GN vertical cutting dryer is install air knife and flushing system to prevent screen basket from plugging

2. Discharge screw conveyor is a good solution to transport the solids from the dryer to discharge site

3. Carefully select the material of flights and design the screen opening distance assure historically and consistently produced as low as 5% oil retention on cuttings by weight. GN  also provides parts and service for cuttings dryers.

GN also supports a plenty of solids control equipment to work with cutting dyer. GN not only provide the single device, but focus on offering a completely solution to your working site such as bored pile mud solution, diamond drilling mud recycling , dredging slurry separation, HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) and CBM

(Coal Bed Methane).  GN Solids Control will be your best partner in the solids control field.

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Sep 07

1000GPM Mud recycling system worksite in Northern China

Coalbed methane (CBM) reserves are a relatively untapped energy source with huge potential. It has become an important source of energy in all over the world, like Canada, United States, Australia, China, etc. The exploration of CBM is similar to geothermal well drilling. They mainly need rig, mud system, mud pump, and some other accessory equipment.

CBM mud recycling system

CBM mud recycling system

Equipments for drilling fluid systems are included Shale Shaker, Vacuum Degasser, Mud Cleaner, Desander Cleaner, Desilter Cleaner, Decanting Centrifuge, Sand Pump, Submersible Slurry Pump, Mud Agitator, Self-Suction Sand Pump, Jet Mud Mixer, Mud Gas Separator, Mud Gun, Series Screw Pump, Shear Pump, Flare Ignition Device, Oil Tank, Water Tank, Mud Tank etc. 

The equipments are widely used in drilling mud solids control system, HDD mud recycling system, CBM drilling mud cleaning system, River silt cleaning system, Geothermal enviromental waste mud cleaning system, Underground mud cleaning system, mining, coal and other industries etc. 

GN 1000gpm CBM mud recycling system already arrived jobsite and finished commisioning and comes into operation

CBM mud system jobsite photo

CBM mud system jobsite photo

This unit mud system was a relative high standard configuration by equiped with one unit Decanter Centrifuge to remove the much fine solid particles in the drilling fluids. For detailed specification of this unit CBM Mud system, you may go to our news for CBM mud system for trailer mounted drilling rig.

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Aug 19

HDD drilling is the practice for drilling non-vertical wells. It can be broken down into three main groups: oilfield directional drilling, utility installation directional drilling (horizontal directional drilling), directional boring, and surface in seam (SIS), which horizontally intersects a vertical well target to extract coal bed methane.

GN will bring a 200GPM mud recycling system to Australia to show for trenchless 2013 on No Dig equipment. It’s contains 2 phase cleaning with shaker and desilter with mixing pump and mixing hopper with a very compact design.


GN 150 GPM mud system

GN 150 GPM mud system

International No-Dig Downunder Exhibition will be held in Sydney for trenchless technology. GN Solids Control build special mud system for trenchless technology and have stand every year at No-Dig Downunder exhibition every year.

GN Stand At International No Dig Exhibition

. Show Name: International NO-DIG Downunder

.  Adress: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

. Time: 1-4 September 2013

. Stand No.: 48

GN500GPM For No Dig Exhibition

GN500GPM For No Dig Exhibition

GN Drilling Fluid Systems are widely used for Oil Gas drilling fluid circulation,Horizontal directional drilling fluid recycling,geothermal drilling,mining,coal exploration drilling,water well drilling etc.GN Solids Control have experience for drilling fluid cleaning solutions in all kinds of drilling.GN drilling fluid system is turnkey solution with first time commissioning service,training up of users engineer for operating the fluid system.

GN Equipments for drilling fluid systems

Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Agitator, Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps, Degassers etc

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Jun 07

500GPM mud system is the best seller for GN due to its flexibility,normally for 750hp drilling rig,high configuration can be used for 1000hp drilling rig,low configuration can be used for 550hp or even HDD drilling mud recycling.

The GN Standard 500GPM mud system as below:

  • 1) One 40Ft size Container Plus Mixing pumps,Hoppers,Agitators.
  • 3) Mud Cleaner with 1 ten inch desander 8 four inch desilter.
  • solids control system

One advantage of GN Solids is that we manufacture all major equipments for the mud system, and configure it to be a complete system.GN complete line Solids Control System for HDD and CBM including: 150GPM,350GPM,500GPM,and 1000GPM.

GN 500GPM Solids Control System is one of the most popular mud system package of GN to Australia,Up to now,we have supplied around 20 units complete mud system to Australia for oil gas drilling,CBM drilling, or HDD.
By partnering with a Germany Drilling Rig Company in Brisbance,it allows us to keep stock of GN Solids Control equipment and spares to servce the customers for GN Solids Australia.Learn more at GN Solids Australia.

drilling mud cleaner

GN is one of the very few companies who understand the Australia Regulations for safty(HSE) and electric standard.

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May 30

GN solids control recieved an order for trailer mounted mud system for CBM drilling.In some ways, this unit was designed as per customer’s special requirement and it has a high configuration.

It is worthy to mention that considering customer’s trailer mounted rig, the drilling mud outlet from the borehole is lower, we designed the recycling tank very low in order to let the mud flow to shaker buffer box very easy without using a slurry transfer pump. Greatly save the cost and offer convenient solution for customer.

Trailer mounted CBM mud system

Trailer mounted CBM mud system

The main equipment list below:

  • 2 units GNZS703 shale shaker with capacity 120m3/h(528GPM) for better performance and in case either one would be broken down.
  • Mini Desander & Desilter with underflow shaker for much drier the solids, also applicable for weighted drilling mud.
  • 1 unit GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge shows the high request of customer for treating the mud.

    Decanter centrifuge

    Decanter centrifuge


  • 2 units Mud tank each for recycling mud, while another for mixing with separately located Jet mixing unit.

GN has supplied several such HDD or CBM drilling mud system to China petroleum pipeline and China biggest CBM contractor.Also you can find our system working in Austrailia,Thailand,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia and some African countries.

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Aug 11

It is known that Indonesia has a large reservation for Oil and natual gas. Actually, besides oil and natual gas, Indonesia has one of the largest CBM resources in the world with a potential 453 trillion ft3 in-place, that is almost three times Indonesia’s current reserves of natural gas.

Reports from CBM Asia: Indonesia CBM resources located mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan provinces. The CBM exploration and development has intensified in Indonesia in recent years, particularly since the first Production Sharing Contracts were awarded in 2008.

CBM is normally found at depths between 500 – 3500 feet, not nearly as deep as conventional gas. This enables the use of smaller drilling rigs, which are cheaper to use and have less impact on the surrounding environment.

GN Solids Control, as one API certified professional manufacturer for drilling mud recycling equipments, could offer complete drilling mud recycling system for CBM industry. With the raising exploration for CBM in Indonesia, GN more and more pays attention to this market.


The large reservation for CBM already attracted many energy company invest in Indonesia. Besides CBM Asia, other company like BP, Dart Energy, ENI, ExxonMobil, Medco, Santos, and TOTAL, all active in CBM exploration in Indonesia.

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Aug 04

Besides the oil & gas industry, GN Solids Control at the same time could offer standard CMM/CBM mud system for mining exploration industry which also need reuse the drilling mud.

Difference between CMM and CBM

In our previous blod, for many times we mentioned the CBM(Coalbed methane) which is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds. It is formed during the process of coalification, the transformation of plant material into coal. Coalbed methane is also known as virgin coal seam methane or coal seam gas. CBM is  a valuable resource of natural gas in in United States, Canada, and other countries. IN U.S., CBM accounts for about 10% of total natural gas production annually.

While, CMM(Coal mine methane) refers to methane released from the coal and surrounding rock strata due to mining activities. CMM recovery has two key drivers: Mine safety and The opportunity to mitigate significant volumes of methane emissions arising from coal mining activities. So, the recovering and using CMM is considered emissions avoidance. The utilise CMM for energy production has a strong potential.


GN CMM/CBM Mud System for World Market

As we know, Australia has rich deposits for CBM, by now, we has already exported more than 10 units complete mud recycling system there. In Australia, GN has no other Chinese competitors. The compact structure design and high efficiency solids control equipments win much good feedback from customers there.

India also has large request for CMM/CBM mud system used in the mining exploration industry. In coming few days, 1 unit 500GPM mud system would be sent to India. This system is of Hydraulic jackup design,so that the mud tank could be easily moved from one site to another.

With the energy request keeping raising and the energy new resouce exploration, CMM and CBM more and more would be given attention by the energy company and drilling contractor. GN has taken the first step in offering mud system for CMM/CBM mining exploration industry and it is believed that GN will do better in the future.

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