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Sep 09
HDD mud system is one of the main business GN have been working, still good business. Except a few loyal big clients like CPP, purchase a lot each year, introduce their friends etc., more and more repeated orders from the client who used GN equipment, some times same person, new company, or vice verse. India has always been a big market for a long time, and assume it will be in future. We have been dealing with India people from companies all over the world, also lots of local Indian companies.
Below is some repeated order from them.

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written by desander desilter

May 08

Hong Kong is a very developed city, and the infrastructure machinery are very modern and high efficient, in order to keep this big city development, a large number of buildings is needed to be built to satisfy its demand of the development. Such as Hong Kong metro system, is one of the world most perfect infrastructure, meanwhile Hong Kong is a small city, the restriction of space make some building is hard to be done, such as pipe laying and other trenchless engineering projects



GN solid control has just completed a set of customization of trenchless mud recycling system in Hong Kong.As the above, the area of the mining project in Hong Kong can’t take up too much, the system in order to go to Hong Kong also give full consideration to this situation

We can see from the image below two mud tank and the solids control equipment at the top of it. Each tank equipment processing capacity of 1500 GPM, therefore, when all the equipment work at the same time, the total capacity will reach 3000 GPM. Different from other mud circulating system layout, the two vibrating screen on the mud tank and mud cleaner outfalls are parallel to each other. At the same time, under the unloading groove has a screw conveyor to collect from the vibrating screen and solid the mud cleaner, then transferred to collection boxes for further processing. This layout makes mud recycling system is more like a rectangle, thus reduced the work floor space requirements.

This system is including shale shaker, desander, desilter 3 phase solid control system. All the cyclone are installed in a high G shaker for recycling more drilling fluid, and make the slag more drier. Feeding centrifugal pump is included in the system , our engineers also try to make the system size as compact as possible to the mud tank form a relatively large liquid storage warehouse.


Our trenchless mud recycling system capacity is from 200 to 1500 GPM, according to the requirements of customers, the company can also provide customized solutions. Both integration and modular design, GN can provide you with what you want

written by Desander Desilter

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