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Nov 16

As a professional solids control decanter centrifuge supplier, GN Solids Control have followed the fashion long time ago, to manufacture the big bowl centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. The vertical cuttings dryer, have been proved to be a very successful investment, especially when China be more and more strict on the drilling waste environmental protection.

So here bring up the basic concept of big bowl centrifuges, it is to

High performance water based mud treatment; High performance oil based mud treatment; High performance waste water treatment; High performance barite recovery / mud weight cutting

Well most importantly, we do not want to handle too many centrifuges, want one equipment, handle all the troublesome.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

While a lot of engineers also still prefer 2 normal centrifuges, with standard design, not that big bowl, keep main things same, just different operations. And:

It is flexible, can be also used for other application, for solids control.

If one of them get problems, another one still working. It is non-stop operation.


Different concept, but same purpose, we all want to save trouble on site, but we see it in different way.


Good news is GN Solids Control keep big bowl centrifuge and normal centrifuge IN STOCK in China and Houston, middle east in near future.

By the way, the big bowl centrifuge model: GNLW553, 22inch bowl; normal size means 14inch, GNLW363C

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