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Sep 21

GN solids control has mud storage tank in stock for standard dimension, 6500 x2300 x 2150mm, total capacity of clean mud storage is 23m3(6075 US gallons).

 GN also provided bentonite silos for storage and handling bentonite powder and barite. Pressurised vertical bulk silos, Upright Cylindrical Tank, square mud active tank can be available.

mud storage tank in stock

mud storage tank in stock

 Components of mud storage tank

 1 The paint and coating:

marine anti-corrosion paint made b y (Japan Kansai & Cosco) brand epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint. 

Inside tank:2 layers painting  Outside:3 layers painting

 2 Electric Control System assembly  

(including control panel, joint box, electric cable, cable trough, components, etc)

 3 Mud Tank attachment

Ladder、slide walk、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate etc.

 4 Mud agitator, also called mud mixer, with 7.5kw explosion proof motor,

Exp Class: IP55

Exp Mark: ExdⅡBT4

Insulation Level:  F

Mounting type: C-Face

Electric power: 380V/50HZ/3phase, customized electric power available

Shaft length: 1.6m

Impeller: Single or double

With shaft stabilizer

 5 Lighting system: optional

 Delivery time: within 3days to the seaport

 You can also use the mud storage tank as a mixing tank if connected a jet mud mixer in a separated skid with the tank.

 GN provided four models jet mud mixer (mud mixing unit composed of venturi hopper and mixing pump), 240m3/h (1056gpm), 180m3/h (792gpm),120m3/h (528gpm) and 60m3/h (264gpm). The client can choose the proper model according to his required mixing capacity.

 GN mud mixing unit consisting of:

 One venturi hopper and one centrifugal pump(15kw, 30kw, 45kw, 55kw, 75kw), it depends on the mixing rate you required. Mixing hopper table with a fixed position eductor assembly and 2 liquid induction port. Table measure 750x750mm, 600x600mm or 500x500mm, it depends on the required mixing rate.

 To get more information about  storage tank in stock,  mud mixing unitbentonite silos.

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