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Apr 06

Bentonite is main content of drilling mud. It has certain viscosity, density is a special chemical. Bentonite drilling mud is widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, geothermal well, tunneling, etc. various of drilling and construction project.

During well drilling, bentonite drilling fluid will be invaded by much cuttings, solid particles, gas, etc. We need drilling fluid process equipments and system to make it purified.


Desander for bentonite processing

To process drilling mud bentonite we need complete solution. Including shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, decanting centrifuge, as well as centrifugal pump for feeding and mixing hopper

Bentonite Desander for sale

Bentonite Desander for sale

Desander is the 2nd phase of solids control or drilling mud silt removal. It is used to separate particles sized 47-76 microns among bentonite It usually request 10” desander cones. The desander cones are made of PU material. The capacity can be up to 100~110m3/h under pressure of 0.25~0.4Mpa and the treating efficiency is about 90%.


Desander separator structure

Usually the structure is combined with steel frame, hydrocyclones as well as under set shaker. However, the hydrocyclone quantity can be 1~3. And the under set shaker can be included or not.

Actually, bentonite is widely used in many drillings. For different drilling, the bentonite processing will have different configuration. The desander separator structure will be changed accordingly also.


Bentonite desander working principle

The basic principle is centrifugal force separating larger solids out of bentonite mud.

The dirty bentonite drilling mud pumped to desander cones under sufficient pressure (0.25~0.40Mpa). Then by decanter force push, drilling mud will become whirl in cones. Bigger and heavier solids will be separated out of cones, fine and clean bentonite drilling mud will flow to clean compartment for next stage process.


Other bentonite drilling mud equipments

As we said, bentonite mud equipments are used widely as drillings in various industry. Desander is one kind of bentonite mud equipments. If you need more information and price on desander ? Or you need detailed information on other drilling mud equipments for sale? Please feel free to contact GN. You’ll get reasonable price but optimal solution

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