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Dec 01

BEM shale shaker is the fourth generation patented shale shaker from GN solids control and Southwest Petroleum University. Only a few company can produce BEM shale shaker in China market, GN is one of them who master the advanced technology.

BEM is short name of “ balanced elliptical motion” shale shaker. BEM-650 shaker is the third-generation balanced-elliptical-motion shale shaker from M-I SWACO. Its performance is centered on our field-proven and patented, balanced-elliptical-motion technology. Independent testing has confirmed that, compared with other shaker types, this gentle rolling motion consistently provides better solids removal and fluid recovery with less screen wear.

BEM shale shaker

BEM shale shaker

The BEM-650 shaker has been designed with a number of significant refinements that include:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Fully stainless steel design
  • Dual decks (for scalping and fine solids separation)
  • Automated deck-angle adjustment
  • Detachable feeder
  • Pneumatic screen clamping

GNPS series BEM shale shaker is new developed shaker this year and our R&D dept. is still updating it. At present, we have 3 panel shaker and 4 panel screens BEM shaker, the G force can reach 7.0G max( adjustable). But now we only use hookstrip screen technology for BEM shaker, wedging technology is only used for Linear motion shale shaker( which is the third generation shaker in China). GNZS63-3 linear motion shale shaker adopted wedging technology, to use Brandt King Cobra shale shaker screen.

We are developing balanced elliptical motion shale shaker to adopt wedging technology now, just like MI-Swaco Mongoose PT.

Because drilling rates and conditions change as a well progresses, the solids control equipment must deal with varying solids characteristics. The use of premium drilling fluids dictates that the maximum amount of fluid be recovered by the shakers.

General speaking, Linear motion shale shaker is main trend in the solids control market now, our BEM shaker still need to be improved to make it more convenient operation and reasonable price.

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