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Jan 29

Procedure for design of shale shakers

Shale shakers skids shall be level. Shale shaker shall be rigged with adequate space, walkways and handrails to permit easy and safe as near the bottom muc as possible.

If the shaker is equipped with a rear tank (possum belly), the flow line shall enter the rear tank as one flow line diameter of the bottom of the tank. If the flow line should enter the rear tank via an “elbow” over its top, the elbow shall extend to with ameans of diverting fluid from the flow line is recommended to permit the disposal of cement, spotting fluids, contaminated fluids., etc., before these fluids reach the shale shaker. This procedure shall not be used to dump the rear tank into the sand trap before trips.

Operation of shale shakers

The screens shall be inspected every time circulation is interrupted. Dumping the rear tank into the active system. The shale shaker(s) shall never be bypassed while circulating or on trips into the hole. This includes for active system mud tanks.

Shale shaker

Shale shaker

All fluid, including that shipped to the rig from elsewhere, shall be screened before entering the or jets on the bar shall be small enough to deliver water in a mist, rather than in a spray.

Spray bars should be used only when required for the handling of gumbo or sticky clays. The orifices Use the shaker screens with the smallest openings that do not cause excessive drilling fluid loss.


API standard shaker screen procedure


Screens shall have the same API designation. Under normal operating conditions and when using a single-deck shaker with multiple screens, all coarser than the screen in the lower position. Adifference of two APIdesignation sizes is generally effective.

This practice retain drilling fluid as they leave the shaker screens. Some weighting material loss is inevitable when screening weighted drilling fluids. Drilled solids removal screen selection with weighted drilling mud involves a compromise to accommodate the need to maximise cuttings removal while not separating excessive quantities of weighting material. Usually an API200 is the limit of the finest shaker screen that does not remove excessive quantities of weighting materialgeneral maintenance.

Derrick FLC2000 Screen replacement

Replacement Screen for Derrick FLC2000

Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations on screen installation and tensioning, as well as when using shaker screens that need tensioning, tension shall be checked 15 min to 30min after installation and tourly thereafter.

On double-deck shakers with flow in series through the two decks, the top screen shall always be torn or damaged screens shall be replaced or repaired promptly will cause degradation of cuttings, and on some shakers permit fluid to spill over the back of the screen bed. Do not routinely operate adjustable deck shakers in the maximum upwards position.

API certified shale shaker and shaker screen manufacturer


Famous one are Derrick, Mi-Swaco, NOV-Brandt, etc. For the solids control industry, API certification considered as top authorization. However, their price are sky-high even the spare parts including shaker screen, mud cleaner cones, etc. Many clients inquired us for replacement screen for their shaker and mud cleaner. Since they know GN Solids Control is one of few both API and ISO certified manufacturer on mud equipments and system.

Come to GN, you will find the qualified shaker and durable screen at economical cost. To find more info, don’t hesitate to contact us

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