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Jan 04

Refer to shaker screen, most people will think of API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant shaker screens, which means that the shaker screens meet the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) recommended practice for shaker screen testing and labeling.

API RP13C shaker screen

API RP13C shaker screen

To be API RP 13C compliant, a screen must be tested and labeled in accordance with the new recommended practice.

Comparison between API RP13C & API RP13E API RP13E used light to measure the distribution of hole sizes and then calculated values for D16, D50 and D84. Historically, API RP13E’s D50 was considered the primary cut-point of the screen.

API RP13C used particles to measure the coarsest particle that passes through the screen, resulting in a measured value of D100. Current, API RP13C uses D100 to compare two different screens.

Separation curves show that the D100 value is always coarser than the D50 value.

What is D100 value?

D100 value is the finest particle diameter at which the screens no longer send 100% of the particles to the discard stream, this is the coarsest particle that will pass through the screen.

What is D50 value?

D50 value is the particle size at which the screen sends 50% of the particles to the discard, while the remaining 50% report to the undersize stream.  

The API RP 13C cut point test is based on a time-proven testing method used by ASTM to classify particles by size. The API standards committee simply adapted the use of these sieves to designating shaker screens. The shaker screen designation is identified by matching the screen’s cut point to the closest ASTM sieve cut point.

The D100 cut point is used for assigning screen designations. D100 means that 100 percent of the particles larger than the test screen will be retained, and all finer particles will pass through. After conducting three Rotap tests, the results are averaged, and the screen is given an API number of the test sieve having the closest D100 cut point.

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