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Nov 20

An Introduction of ZJ70D mud recycling system (I)
GN Solids Control has designed and manufactured many sets of mud recycling system for oil and gas industries during the past years. Today we would like to show you a mud system for ZJ 70D rig, which is 2000HP.
Regarding to this system, it consists of 8 tanks as well as one trip tank.
1. #1 tank:
#1 tank is heavy sand store tank, it is one whole tank with the volume of 47.5 m³. Due to the sidewall is slant for sake of discharging sand, the effective volume is 28.5 m³.
2. #2 tank:
#2 tank is divided into 4 compartments, which are degasser compartment, desander compartment, desilter compartment and feeding compartment.
On the top of #2 tank, it is equipped with 3 sets of mud agitator (15kw), 2 sets of mud guns, 1 set of vacuum degasser, 1 set of mud cleaner and 1 set of feeding centrifugal pump. The base of the tank is mounted two centrifugal pumps, one is used to feeding the desander, and the other is used for feeding for desilter.

CBM mud recycling system
The total volume of #2 tank is 86 m³, while the effective volume is 60.2 m³.
3. #3 tank:
This tank has 3 compartments, which are decanter centrifuge purifying compartment, feeding compartment and storage compartment.
On this tank, it has 3 sets of mud agitator (15kw), 3sets of mud guns. And on the top of the tank, it has one medium decanter centrifuge, one high speed decanter centrifuge and one pill tank which is 2.5 m³. The pill tank is used for mixing the whole recycling system quickly in a fast and effective way.
4. #4 tank:
#4 tank is composed of 2 compartments: one is storage tank, the other is shearing tank. It is equipped with 3 sets of mud agitator (15kw), 2 sets of mud guns and 1 set of shear mixing device.
For other tanks, please the next conversation on ZJ70D mud recycling system.

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