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Nov 08

Every year, GN Solids Control provides many sets of turnkey solutions for clients working on oil and gas industry. Recently, GN has provided one set of skid-mounted mud recycling system. This mud recycling system is a mud circulation system which is used for mud configuration, purification and supply.
This set of GN skid-mounted mud recycling system is particularly designed and manufactured for one small drilling rig which type is ZJ30.
For every mud recycling system, we usually give brief introductions about it. There’s an operation manual attached when it’s transported. In this operation manual, there are introductions such as the flow line of all the tanks and compartments, as well as the pipes and how the valves will open or close to control the running of this whole system. Introductions about how to operate or how to maintenance, repair this system are also enclosed for better understanding of this whole mud recycling system.

By using this skid mounted mud recycling system, it can separate the solids with three stages. Mud mixer and jet hopper mixer, or some other equipment such as mud gun, weight up tank is used to mixing the drilling fluids in a perfect density and offer for the drilling rig ZJ30.
For this mud recycling system, there are GN shale shaker, GN Desander and GN Mud Cleaner to separating the solids. As we all known, the power of ZJ30 drilling rig is 750HP, and the treating capacity is 180 m³/h. GN technical designers are devoted to provide customers with an integrated system which is with compact structure and easy operation as well as longtime usage. Even it’s broken, workers can repair it in a short time. GN designers and manufactures are always trying to offer perfect solids control equipments to customers, and they also try to surpass customers’ expectations.
Providing mud systems to oil drilling industry is very common for GN Solids Control, and as GN development in many various oil and gas industries, some other areas such as coal bed methane, horizontal directional drilling, gas industry etc.

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