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Sep 29

At the Drill 2012 Adelaide exhibition, AMC shown their very compact design Drilling fluids recycling system for diamond tipped core drilling for mineral industry.

AMC Mud System for Diamond Drilling

What is Diamond Core Drilling

Commonly used in construction to create holes for pipes, manholes, and other penetration in concrete or stone, in core drilling the drilling apparatus remove material by a hole saw looklike drill bit tipped by diamond. The material left inside the drilling bit is referred to as the Core.
In mineral exploration, the core samples are recovered and examinde by geologists for mineral percentages stratigraphic contact points. The exploration companies could get the information necessary to begin or abandon mining operations in a particular area.

AMC Diamond Drilling Mud System Main Equipments

As the diamond core drilling always does not need too much drilling fluids, the matching mud system mostly is of small treating capacity. The treating capacity of AMC shown mud system is 20GPM.
It contains:
1 unit Mini shale shaler with 1 panel screen
1 unit centrifuge with bowl diameter of 220mm and Max. operating speed of 4800rpm.
1 unit screw pump to transfer mud, it functions to feed mud to centrifuge and transfer the clean mud to mixing tank.
1 unit 0.75kw mud agitator
Electric control panel and other attachments.

In order to make it easy for transportation, there are lifting ears at the 4 coners for the skid, also there are holes in the middle of the skid for forklift.

GN Mini Model Centrifuge for Diamond Core Drilling

GN Centrifuge for Diamond Drilling

At this moment, GN’s mud systems are mainly used in oil & gas, HDD industry.So compact mud system like the unit manufactured by AMC is not GN’s advantage. But we have already given attention to diamond core drilling.
Centrifuge GNLW223M, former model GNLW220-660 is GN’s new design special for diamond core drilling, for more information, please leave message or contact GN Solids Control.

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