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Jan 07

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is really a leading solids control company focused on creating and manufacturing solids control system & equipment and drilling waste management system & equipment. Shale shaker, serve as the primary and indispensable stage of solids control equipment, the way it works brings an excellent effect on the further processing of drilling mud, as well as decides if the complete solids control system will success or otherwise.


Recently, our clients from Singapore came to China for any check up on the GN shale shaker he’s bought before delivery. Being supported with this business travel is indeed a reaping helpful benefits experience. We’ve arranged him to GN Factory for 2 objectives. The first it to create a complete presentation on GN product and project its designed and make in excess of 60 nations around the globe. The 2nd objective would be to test GN shale shaker to make sure him before delivery. It’s glad to state that both of these two objectives continue to be accomplished. First of all, the client demonstrated curiousity about GN items and suggested many a questions throughout the presentation. Therefore we invited him to the workshop and examined the shale shaker before him. Certainly, the shale shaker works wonderfully throughout the exam, and also the customer was very pleased with it. After he found your accommodation, he reported the testing leads to his office and also the balance was payed.


Really, GN shale shaker has got the following advantages:


1. Shaker deck bottom(screen mattress) switches into ss316L, that is more powerful and anti-abrasive, thus the shale shakers will likes a lengthy service existence.


2. The entire shaker deck likes a much better stability after warmth-treated, as a result it can works for any lengthy consistent time under high G pressure.


3. The shale shaker switches into patent tighten sealing of shaker and wedged securing system of screen, so it’s faster and simpler to obtain shaker screen changed.

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