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Mar 19

8″ Desander cones is one of Desander hydrocyclones. Generally speaking, the desander cones including 12″,10″, and 8″. However, the mainly used one is 10″. Since it provides more convenience and better appearance on Desander separator or mud cleaner. For drilling fluid process desander configuration, we need to consider following informations


8″ Desander cones features

1. It’s maximum diameter on cone is 8″ (200mm).

2. It mainly separate particals between30-45 micron.

3. The treating capacity up to 264GPM (60m3/h)

4. Working pressure: When it is working under 0.15~0.35Mpa, the treating capacity and performance is best situation

5. Design on number, etc.: The treating capacity is key issue on 8″ desander cones number design.

GN Desander Cone

GN Desander Cone

Desander cones structure

From the appearance, it is mainly made of PU or high-Chro casing iron. Desander cones divided into flange type and clamped type. Clamped type will be combined with cone body, clamp, necessary bolts, etc. For the flange type, there will be one flange connection on cone input. And flange plate has all necessary bolt hole for tensioning cones steadily on desander separator.

Nowadays, more and more user prefer clamped type desander cone. Since it is more convenient and user-friendly. For material, they prefer PU one.  During drilling fluid process the solid particles wear much to the desander cones. PU one is more durable and beautiful.


How does Desander cone work in system?

In one drilling fluid process system, Desander cone can be designed on Desander separator only, as well as designed on a complete mud cleaner. Contained Desander cone, 4″ Desilter, and under set shale shaker.

We take 8″ Desander cone as example. When it is designed as Desander separator only, the drilling fluid will be pumped by Desander centrifugal pump from Shaker tank or compartment to 8″ Desander cones. Since the pump pressure is powerful for drilling fluid. Then fluid flow become whirl.  Under centrifugal force the particles larger than 30 microns will be separated out of drilling fluid through upper outline. Then clean drilling fluid will flow down to under set shaker or drop down to Desilter tank directly.

When it is combined together with Desilter and under set shaker as mud cleaner. The principle and process route is almost same

As we know, the desander can be designed with under set shaker as well. It is subjected to users’ preference or actual working condition. If the desander with under set shale shaker, the separation result may be better.


8″ Desander cones  0ther reference

8″ Desander cones can be said uncommon application presently. However, considering different users’ requirements on drilling fluid process. Since 8″ Desander cones for drilling fluid process is not proper for ideal treating capacity design or configuration.

But, for certain specific demand GN can supply customized design and proposal to cater user’s satisfaction. Now this type Desander separator nearly to be stopped producing. If you have interest or demand please contact GN freely. You’ll get optimal solutions soon

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