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Dec 29

China standard ZJ30 rig would always adopt 760 bbl mud system for recycling the drilling mud. For this nominal drilling depth 3000m(9900ft), the mud system from GN Solids Control is of 3 mud tanks with attached equipments. The famous solids control manufacturer like Derrick and MI-Swaco would offer the solution for 2 unit shale shaker, 1 unit desander and desilter.

GN 3000m Rig Mud System

GN 3000m Rig Mud System

760 BBL Mud System in GN

GN 760 BBL mud system is designed 3-tank system, one is recycling tank, then suction and storage tank, the third tank is mixing tank.

  • Recycling tank — 2 Units GNZS703 shale shaker with total capacity 1000GPM, 2 no. 10″ cone for desander and 12 no. desilter cone of 4″.
  • Storage tank — 3 units GN mud agitator and bottom mud gun. In order to get the much clean drilling mud, 1 unit centrifuge is proposed.
  • Mixing tank — Double venturi type mixing hopper combined with 2 unit 60HP mixing pump which are shunt-wound either one could be used as not only mixing pump, also charging pump.

Why for GN 760 BBL Mud System

As a specialist for drilling mud recycling, by offering the 760 bbl mud system, GN Solids Control consider the sufficient tank space to store the clean mud and easy for operating.
The largest advantage of GN shale shaker is simple structure and screen changing convenient. For the bearing used in agitator and centrifuge, GN would only select the SKF or FAG so that end user could get from anywhere of the world.
The principle of top quality but reasonable price was improved by the good feedback of GN customer from more than 50 countries.

Besides 760 bbl mud system, GN could also offer smaller or large capacity mud system like 560bbl and 1800bbl. Customer’s request is our mission. If you have any need for mud system or single solids control equipments, please feel free let us know.

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