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Mar 17

This trailer mounted mud system is for oil well drilling. The rig can drill 3-4km. One of our client requests us to configure following trailer mounted mud system for 750HP rig. As we know, the drilling rig can be manufactured as trailer mounted also. Regarding to industry terms, 750HP rig can be said 175T drilling rig also.

I. Mud system configuration

This trailer mounted mud system requires about 600GPM capacity. Following design is basic information on 750HP rig mud system

1. Shale Shaker Tank in trailer mounted system

+/-300 bbls with following compartments, Trip compartment  : +/-50 bbls with readout on drillers console and plumbed for recirculation, Sand Trap : +/-50 bbls, Degasser Tank : with lo-pressure mud gun,+/-100 bbls capacity. Mud cleaner tank : with 10 hp agitator & 10- pressure mud gun, +/-100 bbls capacity

2. Suction Tank

+/-350 bbls with following compartments; Suction compartment: +/-100 bbls with 10 hp agitator & lo-pressure mud gun. Intermediate compartment: +/-100 bbls with 10 hp agitator & lo – pressure mud gun, Mixing compartment: +/-100 bbls with 10 hp agitator & lo-pressure mud gun. Pill Tank : +/-50 bbl with 10HP Agitator & low pressure mud gun, also should includ mixing hopper: with mixing pump & lines to all compartments

Trailer Mounted Mud System from DMS

Trailer Mounted Mud System from DMS

3. Reserve Tank

With following compartments; Mud Tank :+/-125 bbls with 10 hp agitator & lo-pressure mud gun. Mud Tank :+/-125 bbls with 10 hp agitator & lo-pressure mud gun. Water Tank : +/-100 bbl. Mud hopper : with mixing pump & lines to all compartments

4. Swab or Test Tank

+/-300 bbls with +/-equal compartments, each plumbed for separate discharge to vacuum truck or water tank. Complete with minimum 32 ” Poor-Boy Degasser with proper vent, fluid leg and inspection hatch.

II. 750HP rig trailer mounted mud  equipments detail

1. Shale Shaker in system Tandem shale shaker mounted on shaker tank. The capacity will up to 1056GPM. Shaker screens will be provided together with shakers. The shale shaker can be linear motion or balanced elliptical motion shaker.

Centrifugal Sand Pump

Centrifugal Sand Pump


2. Mud Cleaner: Require two 10” desander cones and ten 4” desilter cones. The total capacity is up to 880GPM. Under set shaker can be linear motion or BEM type

3. Independent centrifugal sand pumps: These centrifugal pumps are used as charge pumps for mud cleaner cones. They are applied to mud transfer and mud mixing. Totally need 4 centrifugal pumps. The power should be 45KW, charging capacity should be 200m3/h.

4. Mud/Gas Separator : Poor-Boy degasser ,vertical mounted with baffles, fluid leg, inspection hatch. Holding 24″ OD x 14′ high with 4″ OD inlet from choke manifold, 8″ OD return line to shale shakers, 8″ OD vent line, 4″OD drain & all necessary piping to connect to choke manifold, shale tank & flare line, etc.

5. Mud Tank Valves and accessories. For every mud system tanks will request necessary fittings. Including valves,               ladders, pipelines, etc. Frac Tank : 500 bbl capacity for mud transport, well flow returns & filtered water, to be                  located on location


Sum up on trailer mounted mud system for 750HP rig

This system combined with mud separation, mixing, recycling, and storage. For 750HP rig, the mud system is a bit large to mounted on a trailer. Presently GN can design trailer mounted mud system. At 11th CIPPE you’ll find GN bring a huge surprise by trailer mounted system.

The mounted mud system for drilling rig are rather popular with many clients for its convenience. However, to make optimal mud system for various drilling, the system must be rather complete and ideal one. Then we should consider all design are harmounious with trailer and mud system.

To get more information you can come to GN or find other trailer mounted system manufacturer. Then select best proposal.

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