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Dec 10

Chinese manufacturer GN Solids America LLC produce its own sand pump and offer the world with many other drilling mud machine. We are an first choice of  solids control machine vendor for India, Russia, Middle East.regions. Oilfield Companies of the Turkey, Venezuela, Indonesia ,Turkey, and Africa region.  Contact us and make a ideal choice choose us as vendor because our factory and company are API and Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified.GN Solids America operate sales, service, manufacturing, and distribution all by itself.

Sand pump is the mud feeding equipment in oil and nature gas drilling fluid filtrations system. The quality shift seat is critical because when the shaft seal of  is having leakage, it not only led to the efficiency of pump is decrease but also pollute the environment by the drilling fluid. So the problem of shaft seal is the main factor to influence the quality of the sand pump.




Compared with common seal, the composite seal has two parts seal for decrease the seal pressure of packing and improve the working condition of the pump , decrease the wearing and increase the usage life.

There is a points oil ring in the middle of the stuffing box, then decrease the shaft and packing for friction caused by the heat, decrease the produce cost and improve the efficiency of pump. The composite seal has the advantages of packing seal and centrifugal seal, the shaft seal don’t has fluid leakage, long pump using life and maintenance is less, it  surely meet the demand of the market.
GNSB series sand pump manufacture by GN Solid America LLC is the ideal choice of equipment to provide fluid feeding for desander, desilter and  other solids control equipments and mud  recycling systems.

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