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Mar 15

What is trailer mounted mud system?

Solids control system or mud recycling system mounted on a trailer to realise easy transportantion from one drilling site to another.Including shale shaker ,desander,desilter,mud agitator,mud guns,mud tank ,lighting and electric control system.The main difference between ordinary mud system is trailer mounted while others are skid mounted.

Trailer mounted mud system

Trailer mounted mud system

What need to pay attention to when building a trailer mounted mud system?

1In some countries ,such as Austrailia ,has strict regulation on trailer ,has to be licensed and resisterd ,built according to Australia standard.

 2.Most countries have road limitations for trailer mud system,especially height and width ,such as height 5m ,wideth 3m.

GN solids control built a trailer mounted mud system for 2013CIPPE show ,including a 14m length tank ,shale shaker ,mud cleaner,centrifugal pump and mud agitator.Besides that also a trailer mounted drilling waste management system,including 14inch decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.We can also make containerized drilling waste management system ,which has already exported to Russia and Argentina .

Containerized drilling waste management system

Containerized drilling waste management system

GN equipments have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world ,you can find GN equipments working in USA,Australia,South Asia,Middle east Africa,South America,and Russia.

If you are intrerested ,we can take you to the jobsite to check our equipment ,and welcome you to visit our factory near Beijing.

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