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Apr 15

Further to our former articles on small drilling mud system we get many feedback from user and reader. They are also interested in larger system. Such as 500GPM drilling mud process unit.

Now we are pleased to give you following  information on the 500GPMP mud circulation unit


500GPM drilling fluid unit applications

Drilling fluid is widely used on various well drilling even construction. For drilling fluid, we need purification, reciculation, etc. Similar, fluid system application is also rather wide.

500GPM drilling fluid system can be used in small O&G drilling, CSM drilling, mining drilling, diamond drilling, water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, tunneling, pilling, civil construction, also horizontal drilling (HDD), etc.

We can match 500GPM system for 650HP rig. Or according to mud pump discharge rate, such as 120m3/h. This is subject to actual working condition and user’s preference.

This mud circulation unit can help drilling fluid cool down during drilling. Bring out drilling cuttings, and give lubrication application on drill bit or drill pipe. Also decrease much cost during drillings.

Mud circulation Unit

Mud circulation Unit

500GPM mud system proposal

We improved our equipments model and performance. So GN new proposal for 500GPM mud circulation unit is as following:

1. First phase, one set shale shaker should be GN703 series. Including linear motion and BEM type.

2. Second and third phase, one set mud cleaner combined with GN703 shaker, one 10″ desander cone, eight 4″ desilter hydrocyclone.

3. Then the mud tank, 9×2.3×1.8m. This is considering convenient removal and transportation including oversease shipment and domestic transit at user ending. We need a jet mud mixing pump matched with this circulation unit.

4. So we need 3 centrifugal pumps totally. Two are feeding pump for hydrocyclones on mud cleaner the other is for jet mud mixer combined with hopper.  Furthermore, jet mud mixer hopper can be mounted together with pump also can be mounted on mud tank.

We kindly recommend 37KW ones. This can provide sufficient power and flow rate, pressure, etc. 3 same pumps also provide convenience on spare parts and maintenance

When we transfer whole sytem we only need to uninstall the cones part over bottom shaker of mud cleaner.


Superiority on GN 500GPM mud circualtion unit

GN Solids Control care more on clients’ operation condition and cater to user’s satisfaction during drilling projects. We sum up following superiority on GN 500GPM unit

1. GN only focus on “Top Quality Products”

2. Standard: API&ISO Certified Manufacturer

3. Convenient removal and installation, etc.

4. Professional design

5. Complete and multifunction proposal

6. Sufficient treating capacity

7. Reasonable price

For more detail on this 500GPM mud circulation unit please come to GN and get optimal solution for you.

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