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Aug 12

GN 500 GPM mud recycling system is a very popular system used in HDD and CBM drilling. Unlike other solids control equipments supplier who mainly foucs their attenction on oilfield , GN meanwhile also devote herself to the development of compact mud system in HDD and CBM drilling project. Under this condition, GN 500 GPM mud system emerges as the times require.

By now, The largest HDD contractor: China petroleum Pipeline Bureau(CPP) have bought more than 25 sets GN 500 GPM mud recycling system from us.

500GPM Hydraulic jackup mud systemGN standard 500GPM mud recycling system equipments list:

1. 2 sets GNPS 70-3 balanced elliptical motion Shale Shaker;
2. 1 set GNPJ 70-3 Mud Cleaner with 1 each 10″ desilter cyclong and 8 each 4″ desander cyclone;
3. 2 sets SB5x4-14 Centrifugal Pump, one for desander and the other one for desilter;
4. 1 set JBQ7.5 Mud Agitator with 7.5 kw motor;
5. 1 set 3″ Mud Gun;
6. 1 set SLH150-35 Jet Mud Mixer matched with SB5x4-14 mud mixing pump;
7. Pedestal recycling tank, Electric control system and attachments like ladder, hanarail and lightings.

GN standard 500 GPM mud recycling system is skid mounted, in order to make the tansportation easy, GN designed hydraulic jackup leg for the system. It could be easy placed on the trailer by the jackup leg up and down. We have sold many sets this hydraulic jackup mud system to our client CNAGC.

Besides 500 GPM mud recycling system, GN also design standard 150GPM, 350GPM, 800GPM and 1000GPM mud system for HDD and CBM drilling, also the customized system as per required treating capacity. If you are a driller and are seeking the proper system for your rig, don’t hesitate, just contact with us right now, GN will not make you disappointed.

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