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Nov 12

400GPM and 500GPM mud recycling system is the best sold mud system in GN. But the specification and design is not always same although the treating capacity is same.

 For example, clients may have different requirement each time according the actual situation of drilling mud. The drilling site is different, the mud density and viscosity may be different, then we will use different model equipments, our standard mud is with 1.2g density and 40~45s viscosity.

 A standard 400GPM mud recycling system including the following equipments:

1 GNZS63-3 shale shaker400gpm mud recycling system

400gpm mud recycling system


2 GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner or ZQJ200S desander & ZQJ100S desilter

 The former one has better treating performance, because the underflow shaker is GNZS63-3 with 2.4m2 screen area. The latter one is small underflow shaker, with 1.0m2 screen area. But the latter one is much cheaper.

3 Mud mixing system SLH100-30

 It depends on what function you need to get, only recycling or recycling + mixing?

4 Mud gun or mud agitator

 They are mainly used for agitating the mud so it will not silt on the bottom of the tank.

5 Explosion proof electric control panel for complete system

  Each equipments of the system has a control starter on the electric control panel, they can be started or stopped. There are two bottoms for the complete system, when “Start” is pushed, the electric input started, when “stop” is pushed, electric input is break. We can add a third button “ emergency button”, when there is emergency affairs, push this button, the electric input can be break off at once. It is needed for safety of the jobsite.

6 Accessories

 Walkway, handrail, pipeline, fast union joint, clean gate, valves, stairs( internal ladder and external ladder), name plate, skid, etc.

If you want to get a customized mud recycling system according to your jobsite condition, welcome to visit GN website or GN factory in Tangshan City.

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