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Mar 18

A few days ago, GN Solids Control got the order from a Russian Client, this time the client placed the order and purchased 4 sets of Shale Shaker & 4 sets of Mud Cleaner.

160624 Shale Shaker

After a period of hard work, the 4 sets of Shale Shaker and mud cleaners have been finished, went through relative inspections and now are ready for delivering.

160224 Mud Cleaner

According to the description of client, when these shakers and mud cleaner arrive at Russia, they will be used in the oil drilling site, mainly be used for treating the drilling fluids.


In the past years, GN Solids Control, as a top manufacture of Solids Control Equipment has became more and more popular with the customers from global market.

As compared with other manufacture of solids control equipment, the products of GN Solids Control not only have better quality, but also the price is competitive.

To face current severe economy situation in the world and low oil price, all the customers need to re-search the supplier that has much more competition (good quality & competitive price together).


From the 1st day that GN Solids Control was established, GN has always followed the philosophy of “Good Quality & Rational Price”. GN Solids Control pays high attention on the products quality and each product will go through strict inspection before leaving the factory. That is why GN Solids Control could constantly get the order from high-end clients like Baker Hughes, Halliburton, etc.


In 2015, GN Solids Control sold 4 sets of mud system to Baker Hughes, they were delivered to one son-company of Baker Hughes in Russia for treating the drilling waste.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the mud system manufactured by GN Solids Control, welcome to visit our website and contact us.


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