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Mar 31

4″ Desilter hydrocyclone is a common type and widely appreciated by users. Since it’s more convenient for configuration on mud cleaners or Desilter separator. The treating capacity of 4″ hydrocyclone (under0.25-0.4Mpa) is about 15~20m3/h. While separation efficiency is about 90%. To cater different system capacity demand we need design and arrange 4″ desilter hydrocyclone quantity accordingly


Hydrocyclone separator

Including Desander and Desilter. They are second and third phase of solids control system. For Desilter hydrocyclone it mainly separate particles sized 15~20 microns minimum. And we also can combine two types hydrocyclone together as mud cleaner or mud conditioner.

For 4″ desilter hydrocyclone we can design it as with underset shaker and non-shaker type. Hydrocyclone separator adapts decanter separation principle. Of course, the separation process is under certain working pressure and sufficient power.


GN new type 4″ hydrocyclones

Presently, there are flange type, and clamp type cones. Considering convenient operation for users GN provide updated design on 4″ desilter hydrocyclones. They are clamp type very easy to replace and install cones.

GN 4″ desilter cones including 3 stainless stell clamps, 2 stainless steel ball valves. The design is user-friendly type. As we know, different clients have different capacity deamnd. We fix ball valves to help user control treating capacity easily.

GN 4in cone

GN 4in cone

Moreover, cones are one of spare parts, during drilling fluids system operation there might be some broken on them. Then we can turn off the ball valve and turn on other available cones to continue working. All of clamps and ball valves are stainless steel this definitely increase cones usable life and better appearance


Comparison between GN and Derrick 4″ desilter hydrocyclone

1. Quality

Both of them are manufacturing cones use polyurethane. As well as clapm and valves, they both use stainless steel material.

2. Structure

Derrick 4″ hydrocyclones including hydrocyclones body, thread on cone tip, drop in Apex, nut caps.

GN 4″ desilter cones including hydrocyclones body, elbow, thread on cone tip, drop in Apex, nut caps, elbow, clamps, stainless stell valves. Actually we can provide replacement for Derrick 4″ hydrocyclones.  And according to clients demand we can provide part of 4″ cones.

3.  Usable life

Actually, PU material from both Derrick and GN are rather durable and lasting usable life. Over one year don’t need replacement. However, considering better preformance and efficiency kindly suggest every year replace once.


Wish above information on 4″ desilter hydrocyclone is helpful for you. If you need more information on prices or other technique question please contact GN freely.

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