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Jan 08

Derrick cones

As we all know, Derrick cones including 2 models. One is 10″ Desander cone the other is 4 inch Desilter cones.  Actually,  the technique terms should be Hydrocyclone or Hydrocyclone separator. The design or configuration on desander and desilter of using same cones make Derrick all desilter cones and desander cones are interchangeable. This promises economical cost and convenience on parts replacement

4″ Derrick cone feature

It is same as other cones. The maximum diameter on the cone is 4″. And it is used to separate particles as fine as 15 microns around. The Derrick cone including hydrocyclone body, thread-on cone tip, drop in Apex, triangular nut. Furthermore, the thread-on cone tip can be common one and the ceramic lined one.  Each part of 4″ Derrick cone will hold its part number. This will help clients get convenient solution on parts  replacement.

Derrick cones are made of PU material. This material permits excellent resistance to heat and abrasion.  Nowadays, majority begin using PU as raw material of cones since its economical and effective superiority. Such as GN Desander and Desilter

Replacement for 4″ Derrick Desilter cones or parts

How to choose replacement for 4″ Derrick cones? Firstly, we need to know the exact part name but not part number. Since the exact part name and detailed information will be more helpful and convenient to get exact ideal solution compared with matching object according to many numbers

4″ Derrick Desilter cones are made of polyurethane. And we should choose same material ensure the high quality and durability. If you hold Derrick Desilter as Inline type, then you won’t need the elbow anytime. However, if you hold Round type Derrick Desilter you’d better change the complete 4″ Derrick Desilter cone with elbow. This will promise better efficiency.

Presently, Derrick 4″ Desilter cones will be sold at price as high as about USD800 exclude tax, freight, etc. We must consider the cost-effective investment.  How should we do? Ye, change another 4″ Derrick desilter cones supplier to get qualified replacement at economical costs. GN hold top quality 4″ desilter cones made of PU. And it can be used to replace Derrick original one.

Need more details on 4″ cones specs, price? Come to GN Solids Control. Get your problems solved

[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation
[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco
[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger

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