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Apr 27

Well as you may noticed this is the first unit tank cleaning skid system, after tested with some analog scenarios material test, with proper chemical testing, we have seen some very good result. The video also have been posted online. FYI.

GN have been doing research on the tank cleaning skid for a long time, from start, the only option would be shaker + decanter centrifuge, as that is the only thing we are familiar with, and then after we know more about other equipment with different principle. Also learn more and more from clients, partners, suppliers on chemicals, we have now more equipment there, to be more flexible, and able to let client add chemicales to help or improve the separation efficiency. 

The basic working progress is:

High Pressure Centrifugal pump (8) pump clean water from Buffer tank (7) and supply to tank cleaning machine(2) to clean the mud tank.Suction Pump(2) suck dirty wash water from mud tank through the strainer (1) which will filter the coarse solids.The suction pump (2) will feed dirty water through the static mixer to inclined plate clarifier (5).The chemical dosing system (3) will supply chemical/  flocculants to the static mixer(4) to mix with the dirty water to enhance the separation in the IPC.The inclined plate clarifier (5) will separate the settable solids.The clean water from IPC (5) will overflow to buffer tank (7) The buffer tank level control system will control the pumps automatically.Membrane Pump (6) will take the settable slurry from the IPC (5) to Skip

We have two more system on production, will be ready soon, if you are interested in this, and wanna check by yourself, freely schedule with our sales team.

written by desander desilter

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа