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May 24

The gn america model solids manage technological innovation is actually a mobile closed-loop unit engineered to time, labor and set up fees. The model can do the job standalone or being a supplement to USA Mud cleaner. It could possibly move around in, rig up and feel working on spot inside of two hours of arrival.


The solids control operates in 3 processing modes, determined by the distinct application and necessities:

High-volume. Drilling fluid is drawn from your rig through the 6-in. suction line and into two entirely variable-speed-centrifugal feed pumps within the pump space. They, in turn, move the fluid to the two fully-variable-speed centrifuges. The centrifuges are mounted atop the pump space to ensure the solids can discard in to the catch-tank portion on the trailer even though the liquid effluent returns to your tanks mounted beneath, inside the pump room. The effluent then returns to the rig by way of a separate fully-variable-speed centrifugal pump in the similar price as the fluid getting into the tanks.

Dewatering. This mode is just like higher volume processing, but with an additional chemical-injection line tapped into both centrifuge feed pumps. Drilling fluids are flocculated on the fly even though flowing toward the centrifuge-feed piping. Clear-water effluent is piped right in to the effluent tank for instant, metered return to your rig via the automation package deal and level controls. The flocculated solids are discarded right in to the trailer?

Operators can switch the centrifugal feed pumps from parallel to series operation. While in the series mode, the No. 1 centrifuge processes mud in very low pace operation as well as effluent returns on the polishing tank. There, it really is polished by way of the No. two Mud cleaner. The barite recovered in the to start with centrifuge passes straight into the slurry tank mounted during the pump space, in addition to the polished effluent from your No. two centrifuge.


model was engineered for land rigs not equipped to complete specialized solids-control operations and don’t demand these abilities although drilling the complete effectively.

presents these operations barite recovery, high-capacity processing, dewatering and/or mud stripping.

Far better solids elimination to reduce dilution and waste volumes

Fully-variable speed- centrifuge technologies lowers the percentage of liquid on cuttings, even though the whole model package deal is completely contained in order to avoid any liquid/solid spills

Improved solids removal efficiency

gn america is a Professionally solids control factory. If you want a deeper understanding of the detailed drawings GN devices, please visit here.

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