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Aug 09

As the top and specialized manufacturer of drilling waste management equipment and system in China, Hebei GN Solids Control has always been leading the way on the technology in this field. Meanwhile, Hebei GN Solids Control is keep improving itself and its product to hold this leading position. Remarkably, GN Solids Control developed to kinds of waste management system of drilling cuttings. One kind is compact and concentrated system with the vertical cutting dryer and the decanter centrifuge mounted on a 12m skid. This kind of system is now operating at many jobsite such as in Russia for Baker Hughes, in Cyprus for offshore drilling cuttings management and so on. The other kind is modular drilling unit for waste management system. The complete system is divided into several small separate units with telescopic skid for a flexible and easily changing layout. This kind of drilling waste management system is now operating in CNPC jobsite.

decanter centrifuge skid vertical cuttings dryer skid

The modular system for CNPC jobsite includes the below parts:
The vertical cutting dryer is used to handle the oil based mud cuttings or synthetic mud cuttings which are discharged
from the shale shaker, desander, desilter or mud cleaner. After treated by vertical cuttings dryer, the fine solids
with liquids go to next stage treatment by centrifuge. The coarse solids discharged from cuttings dryer is dry enough,
generally OOC below 3-5%. Internationally, the solids will go to Thermal desorption unit or incinerator for final
treatment into ashes or produce into bricks. The decanter centrifuge is used to handle the liquids discharged from
the vertical cutting dryer to collect more clean fluids to active system. The high G shaker is to treat the water
based mud cuttings for its high G force to drying the drilling cuttings.

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