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Oct 17

GN TBM Flocculation System As GN has gained many practical and useful experiences during the past years on-site services, plenty of clients from other countries are coming to GN and seeking for technical solutions, some are Oil and gas solids control that used on rigs, some are HDD and CBM drilling mud recycling system, as well as some industry separation systems. For GN Solids America, now we’re working on equipments release. Last month we have provided one set of Flocculation System for one customer. This system is specially used in HDD area for the separation of slurry as well as dewatering. GN Flocculation System is mainly including one set of double shale shaker, one set of desander and one set of flocculation system.

1. GN Double Shale Shaker Here we recommend using one set of GNZS705-HB. The vibrating mode is linear motion. And now for American clients, OLI motors or Martin motors are can be chose freely. The treating capacity of GNZS 705-HB is 300 cubic meter per hour.

2. GN Desander GNZJ703E-3S is used to separate the solids that diameter beyond 40 microns. For this system, we choose to use three cyclones for separating.


3. GN Flocculation System GN Flocculation System consists of one set of flocculation system and one set of decanter centrifuge GNLW553-VFD. The effective volume of this flocculation system is 6000L with its two separated chambers. Drying powder can be added twenty kg/hr which can be adjusted by one set of screw conveyor to the decanter centrifuge.


GNLW 553-VFD is a very cost effective centrifuge. The treating capacity is can be reach to 484 GPM. This decanter centrifuge is using a large bowl with 22 inch diameter and 71 inch length.


The working process of this TBM flocculation system is like this: First, the flocculation device mixes the powder with the drilling fluids, sometimes water can be added. Due to the flocculation device consists of two compartments; the mixing process can go thoroughly when the polymer passed these two compartments. Second, the mixed polymer and mud will be sent to decanter centrifuge. Finally, the decanter centrifuge will separate the slurry, then clean water will get out and solids will be discharged.

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