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Feb 21

As we all know normally it takes a few steps to separate the hydrovac slurry, first step, scalping the big stones from he vacuum truck, many people from different site have already developed various ways of doing this. Afterwards is fine shale shaker, and cyclones after that. The final step would be the decanter centrifuge. Though there are many different alternatives, most of the site choose decanter centrifuges, as it is more convenient, take less space, and it is continuously working. With chemical dosing you can get amazing clean water, well not for drink.

TypeVFD Drive Dewatering Centrifuge
Bowl Dia18 inch22 inch
Bowl Length61 inch 71 inch
Bowl Speed0-2800RPM0-2500RPM
Dif. Speed0-45RPM0-45RPM
Main Motor55KW 90KW
Back Motor22KW 45KW
MaterialDuplex Stainless Steel Bowl
Screw Tungsten Carbide Tiles Protection
ApplicationUltra Fine solids removal.

Decanter centrifuge module include a telescopic skid for mounting the decanter centrifuge, a catch tank for centrifuge discharge water collection and a  centrifugal pump for water transfer.

Automatic chemical dosing unit with 3 compartment of total volume of 2000L is capable for preparing 2000L/H polymer flocculants. The chemical dosing unit is equipped with 3 agitators and 2 dosing pumps for feeding polymer to enhance the separation of ultra fine solids by  the decanter centrifuge.

Based on our experiences, in most of the hydrovac site, the solids content is very high, so to choose the right model and make sure it is working properly is very important. Contact us for advise freely.

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Feb 09

Thank you all for caring about us, thank you all for your greetings. We are now starting to open the business. Most of us still been sealing off at home. While starting to get to work through cloud services. After knowing that there is not actually any vaccine yet, I guess this would be the only thing we can do. We are very sorry to inform our clients, partners who supported us, lots of staff have been delayed. We are trying to fix and catch up.


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Jan 08

It is a complete system with mechanic and electric, including 2 handling tanks,1 mixing tank, 2 storage tanks, 1 trip tank, 1 poor boy degasser, 2 trip pump GNSB4×3C-11J (11KW)、4 charging pump GNSB6x5C-13J(45KW) 、 5 feeing pump GNSB8x6B-13J(55KW)、2 shale shaker GNZS703F-SHBF、1 mud cleaner GNZJ703F-D2S12N、8 mud agitator GNJBQ110ED(F)11kW、2 jet mud mixers GNSLS45A、9 mud gun GNNJQ50-3X and lighting,walkway, railings.

The basic circulation would be: separate the cuttings by particle size; with trough on tank top, can do full circulation; degassing, weighing, mixing, agitating can be executed separately. Waterline can be utilized for adding water.

Mixing system is for fresh mud mixing, agitator and mud gun is to keep all the mud active. Trip pump and trip tank is to trip the drill hole, to check the mud loss.

2The Mud Circulation

From the drill collar, the drilling mud been transferred to the trough, then drop to the divider. By the valves, 2 shakers can be fed separately or at the same time. Another option is bypass the shaker, go directly to the sump or anything similar. After treated by the shale shaker, the mud goes to the first tank section, then it is picked up by a centrifugal pump, feed to the desander cones. After the separation in desander cones, the over flow comes to the second tank section, then again with another centrifugal pump, feed to the desilter cones. The overflow from desilter cones, goes to next tank section, If the mud need to be weighed, then that is where the mixing pump need go to. Normally the storage tanks, the mixing sections, are all be able to do mixing on each section, And then the mud pump suction begin from these sections. This would be a full circulation. It will be shown in PID drawing. Mud gas separator is a safety device, to remove the H2S before it goes to the separation stage. We would highly recommend with proper pipeline, lead the gas to some further area, at least more than 60m away

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Jan 08

   1、System includes 3 phase solids control stage: a. shale shaker;b. de-sander separation to clean the particles bigger than 47μm. c.de-silter separation, to clean the particles bigger than 20μm.


   2、GNZS703F-SHBF linear motion shale shaker, c/w shaker screens:700×1250 made of composite frame, 3pcs, separation area up to 2.63m²;GNZJ703F-D2S12N using same spec shaker screens.

   3、Designed flow rate is:≤240 m3/h,rated capacity:220 m3/h.

Ambient temperature:-18°~50°.

4、For mud viscosity:≤80 S .

5、Allowed weather:rain, snow, fog etc

6、Designed for continuous working

7、Attitude ≤2500 m can fully operating, if ≥2500 m may effect the efficiency.

8、All equipment is standard products, complying SY/T5612-2007《Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment》

9、The system is compact, flexible, easy for operate, safe and reliable.

10. Easy for transportation, in and onboard.

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Dec 26

ZJ50 means the rig is upto 5000m depth, and normally this info means lots of equipment need to achieve certain value or standard. For solids control system, it is an info of minimum mud storage you will need, and the minimum separation speeed you will need. Centrifuges will be a must when you drill deep. 

Well as we all know, India is good at manufacturing, too; comparatively not so economic to send some air with tanks. So this time for the project, we offer the client the major parts, yet they prepare the srorage tanks by themselves locally. 

Like many other systems, this system including 3 shale shakers, 1 mud cleaner, c/w cone feeding pumps. After the desilter, it is decanter centrifuges, 2 decanter centrifuge, can run at the same time, in line, or in parellal, to separate the barite and small particles, for better drilling efficiency.

For the mixing tank, it comes with centrifugal mixng pumps, mixing hopper etc. GN is very experienced on mud system design and fabrication, it is not just draw a drawing and put steel together, all the structure, arrangement, cabling etc. have engineering optimization points. And we can also help client to fabricate the simple staff locally. 

If any projects we can work together, pls let us know. 

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas! And best wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year.

May this Christmas bring you much joy and happiness, and may your New Year be merry and bright.It was a very fruitful year in 2019, thank you very much for all your support. 

So in the past year, we have been to quite many ehxibitions: Petrotech in India, CIPPE in Beijing, ADIPEC, IE Expo, IMARC. For oil gas, for environmental protection, for HDD, for Mining etc.

And the new factory is under production, also a very good start for the future.  Also the sales revenue get a new higher level.

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Dec 18

In remote area, like most of oil drilling field, especially PNG, as we know, road there is a big issue, and for some clients, it is even more worthwhile to build an airport, and  customers need high quality and specially design solids control system for shipping by helicopiter.

GN have been supplying heli lifted equipment to the market many years ago, for diamond drilling, and oil gas drilling 2 years ago, cooperating with an Australian company, improved on many engineering details, so now the whole team is more familiar with requirement and the standards. For this new project, GN also had some further discussion with client, to finalize the design, to make sure to deliver high quality system for clients.

This is very important, as in anyway, the system is for client, to use, not only a standard product for manufactures to fabricate. The system includes poor boy degasser, 2 shale shaker, 1 mud cleaner, trip tank, mixing tank, and all related pumps. To minimize the lifting, the equipment have been placed into frames, which also been designed for Heli lifting.

Lifting padeye is one of the critical parts, for heli lifting, for airplane transportation, for road transporation etc.. There are certain procedure from our experience to make sure it comply with the application. 

Also as we all know electrical standard is very important for Aussie oilfield, so we chose to cooperate with a regular partner there to make sure it works.

NO SURPRISE. So that is all we need to do. 

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Dec 18

Recently, GN attended the Ecomondo Green Technology Expo in Rimini Italy and showed the separation and conveying equipment there. Many visitors came to GN booth and showed interest to GN Corporation and the products. 

GN booth was located in the Hall D2 and No. 010, GN brought the widely used decanter centrifuge and sludge vacuum pump. From the TV set, visitors can learn more about the working principle and performance of GN equipment. 

GN GNLW series decanter centrifuge is ranging from 9 inch to 30 inch of the bowl diameter, with the L/D ration 4.2, which is ideal design for waste water treatment. Bigger L/D ration can keep the slurry inside the bowl for longer time. In adoption of the material, GN chooses the duplex stainless steel 2304 with centrifugal casting technics to make the bowl much denser and even distribution. For protection and long operation time, GN use the tungsten carbide plate bolted and welded on the screw propeller, even the slurry distribution port and solids discharge port are protected by tungsten carbide bushing. GN decanter centrifuge can widely be used in waste water treatment, edible oil production, chemical industry and other industrial application.

GN sludge vacuum pump is 100% pneumatic driven which makes it applicable in the area with flammable gas. The pump can be applied for transferring of liquid, slurry, wet sludge and even solid powder and gravel. The pump is also automatic operation, operator only needs to adjust the suction and discharge time by twisting the timers on the panel. As there is no any moving part inside the cavity, maintenance is very easy. According to different application, GN can make the pump with carbon steel or stainless steel as the material touching part. 

GN has got several potential businesses at the Ecomondo. For more information on GN equipment, please feel free to contact.

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Nov 17

GN have rich experience on Oil Sludge Treatment, and have sent many different systems to various sites, with 3 standard model of oil sludge treatement system, whist keep ourselves open for virious of different sit requirement. For the biggest model OST we have, 22in decanter centrifuge is one of the important equipment.

GNLW554EP is type solid bowl decanter centrifuge with bowl diameter 22 inch and L/D ratio 4.2. Below features make it performs excellently onsite.

1. GN EP series decanter centrifuge is used for dewatering of the slurry with high solid content. Therefore for all the solids touching parts in the bowl assembly, the tungsten carbide would be adopted for wearing protection. The screw blade is full welded with tungsten carbide plate 4mm thick. Slurry distribution port and solids discharging port also protected with tungsten carbide bushing. To avoid the wearing of the bowl surface caused by solids building up at the discharging port, the scrapers are installed to scraping off the wet solids.

2. Large L/D ration can make the slurry stay longer inside the bowl for better classification.

3. Centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl material distribution more even for better dynamic balance.

4. Lubrication oil station system continuously lubricating and cooling on the bearing ensures the stable running.
For this model, we also get different options, if you need better result, and willing to pay a bit more then the higher L/D ratio is a much better choice. Well in anyway, if you got any doubts, just ring GN sales team, or drop an email.

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Oct 25

To go out and meet with client, in person, is now an very important way for GN, so rather than sending emails, make phone calls, GN is trying to be more REAL. So the best way is help you meet with GN people, check GN equipment. So one of the many things we are doing is go to the exhibiton.

In this exhibition, GN is bringing a 9in small decanter centrifuge, which can hopefully help you see and feel GN’s prodcuts.    GN decanter centrifuge have been delivered to mining site in Australia, for coking coal dewatering, garnet mining etc., also coalbe methane, different drilling projects etc..   Partnering with AlfaWest Australia (http://alfawest.net/), GN is now able to offer more local service for the decanter centrifuges.

GN Company would attend exhibition Ecomondo 2019, in Rimini, Italy, dated on November 5-8th, with Booth No.010, Hall D2.

ECOMONDO Exhibition is a professional exhibition focusing on recovery of Materials & Energy, Contaminated Site Recycling, Sewage & Solid Waste Treatment, and Sustainable Development. And it turns to be more attractive around the world, about 80,930 visitors from 66 countries, 98,000 sqm gross exhibition area, and 1,022 exhibitors from 30 countries worldwide. 

ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference, is one of the largest events for oil and gas industry. In recent years, GN Solids Control almost attended this show every year. This November, GN will again bring equipment and show there. All visitors are welcomed to visit GN booth and learn more about GN Solids Control.

Please keep below information and easily find GN at the show

Show Name – ABU DHABI International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference
Show Time – 11-14 NOVEMBER 2019
GN Booth No. – 10514

This year, GN will bring below equipment to the show, all the equipment is widely used in oilfield. GN is committed to providing the qualified products to ensure the stable working and safety operation.

written by desander desilter

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