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Jul 22

Tank bottom oil sludge is a kind of waste mixture of oil, water and sand. However, if the oil and water could be recovered from the sludge, a great benefit would be obtained. This week, GN will finish the factory trail assembling and test for one set of oil sludge treatment system for an oil storage tank bottom cleaning project. 

Working Principle of GN Oil Sludge Treatment System

GN oil sludge treatment system is using a series of equipment to separate the oil, water and solid step by step; while in each specific procedure, the separation equipment will be different.

Brief introduction on each module of Tank Bottom Oil Sludge Treatment System.
1. Coarse shaker – a shaker unit is used as the first step separation equipment to remove the coarse solid in the oil sludge. GN uses the linear motion shaker with 2 vibrators to provide an adjustable G force. The hot water spraying tube could be installed on the shaker for better washing of the solids. 
2. Decanter centrifuge – the decanter is installed after the shaker unit for fine solids separation. Slurry treated by shaker contains lot of fine solids that need to be separated out under a higher G force. The decanter is an ideal equipment to do this job. 

3. Inclined plate clarifier – even the decanter centrifuge cannot 100% remove the ultrafine solids in the slurry. GN puts one inclined plate clarifier to collect the slurry discharged from the decanter centrifuge. Multi-plates inside the clarifier will speed up the ultrafine solid sedimentation to the bottom of the clarifier, in the meanwhile, oil and water mixture will overflow to the OWS.
4. Oil water separator – OWS is the last procedure of the separation, here the demulsified oil and water will be separated and guided to different vessel for storage. 

GN tank bottom oil sludge treatment system could also be equipped with dosing system module to make chemical solution that will be injected into the oil sludge for better demulsification performance. For more information on GN oil sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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Jul 18

GN is known as one of the solution provider especially for solids and liquid. One batch of solids control equipment was ready for shipping to a USA client who is doing the solids control business. The equipment included in this order is shale shakers and decanter centrifuge. 

Shale shaker and decanter centrifuge are two type solids control equipment with different working principle. The shale shaker separates the solids by using the wire mesh based on the solids size, while the decanter centrifuge separates the solids using the centrifugal force. Shale shaker is almost used for the coarse solids separation, and the decanter centrifuge is used for fine solids separation. Thus is the step by step separation system, the decanter centrifuge is always located after the shale shaker. 

GN shale shaker is with simple structure design and easy operation. The shaker deck is with full treatment to make is much strengthen to bear a higher vibration force. During transportation of the shale shaker, the shaker deck is fastened by using a fixing block and bolts, after arriving the site and before running the machine, just loose the bolt. GN shale shaker is fixed with composite frame pre-tensioned screen for long working life time. 

GN decanter centrifuge adopts the duplex stainless steel as the material of the rotating bowl for better machinability with centrifugal casting technology for better dynamic balance. For solid liquid separation, GN has a wide range decanter centrifuge models for different capacity and application. GN decanter centrifuge is now widely used not only in drilling fluids solids control system, but also in environment industry like waste treatment and slurry dewatering project. 

GN is able to provide the full series solids control equipment used in drilling mud recycling projects. In the meanwhile, more and more client coming from other industries will apply the solid liquid separation equipment. For more information on GN, please feel free to contact with us.

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Jul 08

It is the first time for GN to show at OGA, though it is not quite an exhibition for drilling works, it is still very popular in Malaysia, lots of clients came to the show. And in the show the big energy companies like Sapuara also have big booth, many parts suppliers from China showing products to the whole world.

Malaysia’s Oil & Gas show has been running since 1987 and today it has more attendees and more exhibiting companies than any other show in the region. Between 2011 and 2015 the number of exhibitors increased by 44% and the number of attendees increased 48%. The growth in the number of attendees is in part a consequence of Malaysia becoming the petroleum industries regional centre. The growth in the number of exhibitors is in part because 92% of exhibiting companies come back year after year, with many believing it’s the best show they’ve partaken.

Beside the existing business and clients, more people are interested in GN Oil Sludge Treatment system, and tank cleaning system, it is not high technology but it is widely used and during this moment, drilling works is not quite increasing, but the tank cleaning, oil sludge treatment is still important, as environmental protection would be a constant topic.

It is very grateful to have many clients drop by, take some time together, with or without business it is good to have a chance to meet with each other.

Thank you again and keep in touch.

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Jun 09

GN have designed a complete system for hyro vac slurry separation, believe me people think differently, but we are trying to standardrize our design, some performance proved design.
Below is a rough idea how it works:

  • Slurry Collection Hopper – per client requirement, GN designed a large open top hopper with 3-side weir surrounded, 1 side is low weir for slurry feeding from the vacuum tanker vehicle. The hopper is designed with water spraying pipe system to assist the slurry drop to the hopper discharge port easily.
  • Coarse Screen Module – One unit coarse shaker is installed under the collection hopper for coarse solids separation. Coarse shaker in installed on collection tank into where the slurry will drop waiting for further treatment. The submersible pump installed on the tank is used to transfer the slurry to subsequent module.
  • Fine Screen Module – the slurry treated by the coarse shaker will be pumped to fine screen shaker for small size sand separation, the shaker deck is covered with rubber to prevent the slurry spraying out to contaminate the equipment.
  • De-dilting Module – de-silter is a machine used for finer solids separation from slurry. It has hydrocyclone unit and under flow drying shaker to remove finer solids and make the discharged solids dryer for easy conveying.
  • Decanter Module – the decanter centrifuge is working by centrifugal force to separate solid and liquid. Its rotating part runs at a high speed to produce high G force that can remove the ultrafine solids in the slurry to make the recovered water cleaner.

Contact GN Sales Team for more info.

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Jun 09

Exhibition: OGA, Oil Gas Asia https://www.oilandgas-asia.com/

GN Booth No.: 7711, in Hall 3 

Location:  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Stall 7, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088, Kuala Lumpur

Duration: June 18th to 20th, 2019

GN is with rich experience in design and manufacturing the solids control equipment like drilling fluids shale shaker, shaker screen and decanter centrifuge. Moreover, GN is investing a lot in research and development so that to provide better solution to customers. This year, besides the shaker unit and decanter, GN also brought few new items to the show.

After Beijing, Houston, now here we come to K.L. Malaysia.  Malaysia’s Oil & Gas show has been running since 1987 and today it has more attendees and more exhibiting companies than any other show in the region. Between 2011 and 2015 the number of exhibitors increased by 44% and the number of attendees increased 48%. The growth in the number of attendees is in part a consequence of Malaysia becoming the petroleum industries regional centre. The growth in the number of exhibitors is in part because 92% of exhibiting companies come back year after year, with many believing it’s the best show they’ve partaken.

One product that has received widespread customer attention is the solid vacuum pump. The solid vacuum pump is a product developed by GN in the recent year for the solid and high solids material transportation in the petroleum industry. It is characterized by strong self-priming ability, long transport distance, and ability to transport solids and high solids materials. The solids vacuum pump is widely used in clearing operations, cuttings transportation, oily sludge transportation.

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May 25

Founded in 2007 and has won since that time the trust of our worldwide operating clients due to consistent market positioning and supply of individual customer tailored solutions in the field of environmental services, and manufacture only top quality products. Today, like then, our field of activity refer to the wide range of environmental protection services, including tank cleaning mud recycling, oily sludge treatment system, we are present where complex problems are and deliver unique modern, complete, effective and best solutions, especially adapted  to our customer’s requirements and locations, and together with our professional support at each project step leads to a proven track record of success.

We develop our operations with focus on natural resources protection and offer the best uptodate solutions, adapted to each customer conditions, with positive results on the environment. We rely on a team of  fully trained experts team working in the field, with experience in solving difficult operations that and require modern treatment methods and equipment. Based on our experience, we understand that each environmental issue is unique, requiring a specific approach and an individual dedicated solution. In this respect, we have developed many different set up of systems, with GN basic equipment, and all the different design, now are very flexible to offer many different customisation for different projects.

For Oil sludge treatment, normal methods used: centrifugation, bio-remediation, washing, solidification, thermal desorption, stabilization, etc. We are specialized in complex technological processes required to treat oil sludge from lagoons, separators, etc. These processes are conducted using mobile equipment integrated in a full technological flow, using additive recipes tested by chemical suppliers in the lab, which is necessary for a high quality separation of  the three phases.We are aware that quality service cannot exist without a high-end technology, so we rely on the most recent and effective equipment, such as three-phase disc centrifuges, vertical separators, chemicals, and trained operators.The advantage of mobile equipment’s consists in the to provide services at the beneficiary’s location, reducing the costs and associated risks of the waste transportation from generation to the processing area.

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May 12

Gn oil sludge treatment plant is mainly used to get better the treasured oil in oily sludge so that recovered oil ought to produce greater economic benefit. In the meanwhile, waste discharging would be greatly reduced. Currently, gn completed the fabrication of one set oil sludge remedy plant. The device now’s underneath the final assembling and factory take a look at manner, later will shipped out of china. Gn oil sludge treatment plant is specifically used to recover the precious oil in oily sludge in order that recovered oil may want to produce greater financial gain. In the in the meantime, waste discharging might be substantially reduced. These days, gn completed the fabrication of 1 set oil sludge treatment plant. The machine now is below the very last assembling and factory check method, later will shipped out of china.

Then widespread running principle of the oil sludge remedy plant is three-segment separation for oil, water and solids. Therefore, gn’s gadget is in particular which include coarse solids separation, exceptional solids separation and oil water separation.

Gn shaker is used to eliminate the huge particle of solids in the sludge. Earlier than feeding to the shale shaker, operator needs to dilute the sludge to solids content much less than 20% for clean pumping. Gn has a sludge vacuum pump that is a super device for moving the sludge. The shaker unit is sitting on a tank this is to accumulate the liquid passing via the shaker display screen. Agitators are established in the tank to save you the sedimentation of the solids.

The big bowl decanter centrifuge is used for nice solids separation. Gn is capable of offer solid bowl decanter of 9 inch to 30 inch. The feeding pump sucks the sludge from tank under the shaker, and then feed to the decanter. Inside the separation process, fine solids can be removed and liquid of oil and water aggregate could be discharged out for in addition disc centrifuge remedy.

Gn makes use of the disc centrifuge for oil, water and very less stable separation. The disc centrifuge can run at a miles higher velocity in order that oil and water may be separated. In keeping with clients’ working situation and cause, a chemical dosing unit is needed to help starting up the oil from solid.

Gn designed the oil sludge remedy plant with fashions of gnost-01a, gnost-05a and gnost-15a for different potential requirements. Please feel unfastened to contact with gn for more data at the oil sludge treatment plant.

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May 12

This week, GN showed at the over-the-counter once more. The over-the-counter is actually a decent plat for folks from crude oil business close to speak on new technologies and concepts. Being a solids management instrumentation instrumentation manufacturer, every year, GN Solids management can meet with previous customers at the over-the-counter, and obtain accustomed to new guests. This year, GN booths were centered by immeasurable guests as was common. This week, GN showed at the over-the-counter once more. The over-the-counter is actually a decent plat for folks from crude oil business close to speak new technologies and concepts. Being associate degree instrumentation manufacturer, every year, GN Solids management can meet with previous customers at the over-the-counter, and obtain accustomed to new guests. This year, GN booths were centered by immeasurable guests as was common.

GN is with wealthy expertise in style and producing the solids management instrumentation like drilling fluids sedimentary rock shaker, shaker screen and bottle centrifuge. Moreover, GN is investment a great deal in analysis and development so to supply higher resolution to customers. This year, besides the shaker unit and bottle, GN conjointly brought few new things to the show.

GN Sludge / Solids air pump

GN sludge air pump may be a quite pneumatically pump that would be wide employed in transferring high solids content material. Liquid, slurry, wet sludge and even dry solid powder may be tense by exploitation this machine. Specifically, this air pump may be wont to transfer drilling cuttings discharged from primary sedimentary rock shaker to resultant cuttings drying machine. The drilling waste within the pit, when while accumulation, with high consistence and solid content, may also be sent by this pump. it’s 100 percent air drive, and no moving elements within the vacuum cavity, therefore, this pump may be employed in explosion-proof space while not involving the electrical elements to forestall the sparking.

GN ViST Vacuum Screen System

GN ViST vacuum screen system is functioning along side sedimentary rock shaker. By putting in a grouping pan below the last panel shaker screen, the drilling fluids may be vacuum sucked into a vacuum unit to extend the fluids recovery rate. it’s appropriate for all kinds lubricating substance like OBM, WBM and SBM. within the meantime of recovery fluids, the drilling waste discharge is greatly reduced, and also the value in transporting the waste are going to be saved. With one set GN VIST vacuum shaker screen system on drilling website, the driller will work finer screens on the shaker to separate a lot of finer cuttings and save the value in inserting additional cuttings drying machine.

Visitors continually notice new things at GN booth at over-the-counter. For additional data, welcome to contact GN Solids management.

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Apr 27

Well as you may noticed this is the first unit tank cleaning skid system, after tested with some analog scenarios material test, with proper chemical testing, we have seen some very good result. The video also have been posted online. FYI.

GN have been doing research on the tank cleaning skid for a long time, from start, the only option would be shaker + decanter centrifuge, as that is the only thing we are familiar with, and then after we know more about other equipment with different principle. Also learn more and more from clients, partners, suppliers on chemicals, we have now more equipment there, to be more flexible, and able to let client add chemicales to help or improve the separation efficiency. 

The basic working progress is:

High Pressure Centrifugal pump (8) pump clean water from Buffer tank (7) and supply to tank cleaning machine(2) to clean the mud tank.Suction Pump(2) suck dirty wash water from mud tank through the strainer (1) which will filter the coarse solids.The suction pump (2) will feed dirty water through the static mixer to inclined plate clarifier (5).The chemical dosing system (3) will supply chemical/  flocculants to the static mixer(4) to mix with the dirty water to enhance the separation in the IPC.The inclined plate clarifier (5) will separate the settable solids.The clean water from IPC (5) will overflow to buffer tank (7) The buffer tank level control system will control the pumps automatically.Membrane Pump (6) will take the settable slurry from the IPC (5) to Skip

We have two more system on production, will be ready soon, if you are interested in this, and wanna check by yourself, freely schedule with our sales team.

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Apr 27

This is the first time GN Separation went to the show, GN attended the IE Expo China in Shanghai, and got lots of attention, also many potential clients. In the show, GN brought the main products like Vacuum Pump, Decanter Centrifuge, which is the main product for GN Separation, for transferring, conveying. The subjest is mainly regarading Water, Waste, Air and Soil, and it is part of IFAT. In 2020, GN will also present in IFAT Germany. 

GN Vacuum pump is purely phneumatic driven pump that could be used to transfer liquid, sludge, powder and even dry solids. It is widely used in sewage sludge, wastewater and kitchen waste transferring.

Decanter Centrifuges
is the other two main actor in the booth, GN now has already developed several series of decanter centrifuge, for different applications. 
GN also showed the decanter centrifuge at the show. Comparing with the filter press machine, the decanter centrifuge is capable of working continuously and with small footprint. GN is with more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing the decanter centrifuge. In choosing the material of the centrifuge bowl and screw propeller, GN fully considers the fabrication availability and pneumatic balance. By doing that, the decanter is with a longer working life and less maintenance requirement.

Why GN Separation? GN Separation is a sub-brand of GN Solids Control, though literally it it reversed, GN Separation is more focusing on Environmental Protection, Food Industry, etc., while Solids Control as the name shows, it is about oil and gas. Since various decanter centrifuges have been developed, now GN with different brand is capable of doing lot of different projects, solve more separation job.

written by desander desilter

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