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Sep 21

GN Solids Control has rich experience on designing and building mud recycling systems. GN Solids Control has high configuration mud recycling system and desander unit that suits different customer demands. 
GN Solids Control shipped 4 sets of Trenchless Drilling Mud Desander to a domestic HDD contractor last month. As one of the leading manufacturers, GN Solids Control made Mud Desander Unit is in compact structure, easy to move, convenient to use in narrow working site to purify drilling mud and eliminate solids. GN Mud Recycling System is a complete mud treating system with mud storage and mixing function. While for the GN Mud Desander Unit, it can be provided an extra mixing tank by customer. 

20200918 Desander Plant 1 3

GN Solids Control provides different models of Mud Desander Unit, classfied by flow rate, GN Desander Unit includes GNMS200-D, GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D which corresponds to 200 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000 GPM separately. Besides used for Trenchless HDD project, GN Mud Desander Unit can be also used for Bored Pile Project, Micro TBM Drilling, Diamond Drilling and Water Well Drilling etc. 
These 4 sets are GNMS-500D, equipped with one 10 inch cyclone to eliminate solids larger than 40 microns. Vibration G force is less than 7.1 G and adjustable. By using a double deck shaker, upper screen area is 0.875 m2 and bottom screen area is 1.35 m2, treating capacity is 500 GPM. 
All shaker screens are also provided by GN, which can last over 30 days without changing. 

20200918 Desander Plant 1 2
One centrifugal pump GNSB5x4C is used to feed the 10 inch cyclone, a light is put on the top of the mud tank to guarantee safe working at night. Total power for this whole machine is 32.11 kw. 

20200918 Desander Plant 1 1
GN Solids Control also provides customized mud recycling systems in order to work in different situations. Customized logo and painting can be also provided. Welcome to connect with GN for your mud recycling demands.

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Sep 14

GN Solids Control and GN Separation & Conveying is 2 main brands of GN Group. GN Separation & Conveying mainly provides solids and liquid separation equipment in non oil and gas industries. 
Last week, GN Separation & Conveying shipped one set of Dewatering Screw Press with one Dosing Unit to a Food manufacture factory for water water treatment. 

2020.09.10 screw press dewatering machine

GN Dewatering Screw Press is an economical dewatering equipment, the working principle is use screw extrusion which aroused when the diameter or pitch of scew changes, plus the changing of distance between floating rings and fix rings to squeeze water out.  
Typically, the materials feed into GN Dewatering Screw Press has solids less than 2,000 mg/l to 50,000 mg/l, and after treated the solids contains water less than 80%. In order to protect the dewatering screw press from blocking and extending the using life, solids size should be no larger than 2 mm with low hardness. While when feed weariness materials, inside the screw can be hard painted. 

GN also manufactures decanter centrifuges and filer press, while the dewatering screw press has come obvious advantages for sure, such as the initial capital investment is the lowest, and it cost small power to drive the screw press. 
This overseas food factory will use GN Dewatering Screw Press to treat the food sludge to remove water, and after treated solids can be used to produce animal feed. Recovered water is using multiple times to clean the screw press. 

2020.09.10 PAM dosing system for wastewater treatment
In order to get a better dewatering performance, GN also provides one Chemical Dosing Unit, food sludge is mixed in the dosing compartment and finer particles are removed. 
GN PAM Dosing Unit is a fully automatic chemical adding unit, equipped with feeding hopper, dosing compartment, dosing pump and flow gauges. All the main body is built with stainless steel.

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Aug 24

Environmental engineering company is type of contractors whose job is environmental protection like waste reduction treatment, waste final disposal and recover the usable material from waste. Some of GN equipment could be applied in this kind of environmental engineering projects. Recently, GN finished one order for an environmental engineering company, and now the equipment is ready for shipment.

In GN solid liquid separation production line, the vertical centrifuge is installed vertically, by using the centrifugal force and screen mesh to separate the coarse solid particle and liquid. It is widely used in the drilling waste cutting management and coarse coal slurry dewatering project. The solids blocked in the rotating screen will be scraped down by the 8 carbide scraper installed in the rotating units, thus normally this equipment is mainly used to treat the slurry with solids that is hard to crush to ensure the better performance of separation. Considering the harsh environment on site, the vertical centrifuge could be installed in a container for continuous and easy operation.

After treated by this vertical centrifuge, the separated liquid will be pumped to horizontal decanter centrifuge for further dewatering treatment. With a higher speed and G force, the decanter centrifuge can separates the fine solids in the liquid phase so that to make the liquid much clearer.

GN U type screw conveyor can be used as the feeder machine to the vertical centrifuge and the slag collection machine at the discharge port of the centrifuge. According to the clients’ requirement and job site condition, the screw conveyor can be installed horizontal or declined. By connecting the outlet of one unit to the outlet of the other unit, the screw conveyor can be used to transfer the sludge from one point to the desired discharge point. GN can also make the screw conveyor by using the material of stainless steel.
For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Separation.

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Aug 24

Today, GN shipped out one set disc stack separator that would be used in fermentation broth treatment in a beer brewery. The whole package is consisting of disc separator mechanical part, VFD control panel, recommended spare parts and special tools for installation and disassembling.

With high rotating speed, the disc separator is mainly used for ultrafine solids separation from liquid. GN is able to provide both 2 phase separation and 3 phase separation disc separation. 2 phase separation model is for solid-liquid, while the 3 phase model is for solid-heave liquid-light liquid. In the meanwhile, for separation of two immiscible liquid, the 3 phase disc separator is mainly used.
GN self-cleaning type disc separator is equipped with flushing wash system; operation water will be fed into the machine according to the discharge mode as scheduled in the control system. Operator can set up the slag discharge mode as partial discharge and fully discharge. The bowl material is adopting the high level stainless steel for Hygiene and corrosion protection considerations. The control panel of the separator can control the start, stop, emergency stop, manual slag discharge and current monitoring in real time. Each separator is equipped with independent PLC control and independent touch screen. Four alarm functions ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment: vibration alarm, speed alarm, insufficient slag discharge value alarm, and drum leakage alarm.

GN disc separator is widely used in food and beverage producing and edible oil producing. During the producing procedure, the disc separator is always installed after the decanter centrifuge which is used to remove large content of solid from the pomace, and then the disc separator is used to polish the liquid phase discharged from decanter centrifuge. The typical application of combination of decanter and disc separator is the production of olive oil.
For more information on GN disc separation and other separation equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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Aug 24

Centrifugal slurry pump is one main product in GN conveying equipment production line. It is widely used in the transferring of industrial wastewater, drilling mud and some other type slurries. A client from Middle East for environmental protection projects ordered the pump from GN and will be used in their project for waste water transferring.

Features of GN Centrifugal Slurry Pump

1. Pump casing and impeller are adopting the material ductile iron which ensures the pump hand handle the slurry with contended solids of large percentage and high abrasiveness. Casing and impeller are main parts of the pump; their working life to certain extent determines the service life of the pump.
2. Sealing technology is applying the mechanical and packing dual sealing to ensure the better sealing performance. The mechanical seal is using carbide material for long time running time.

3. In connecting to the motor, GN centrifugal slurry pump adopts the coupling glands with rubber elastic pin. According to different requirements, the pump motors can be different powers.
4. In order to increase the stability and robustness of installation, the base skid of GN centrifugal slurry pump is integral casting, comparing with the welded base skid. The casted one can ensure the working stability of pump body and motor, and protect the bearings.
5. All bearings from top brand for reliable operation like NSK, FAG, or SKF.

GN centrifugal slurry pump can be widely used in environmental slurry treatment, wastewater treatment, mining & and construction mud treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, food and beverage industry etc. Besides the centrifugal pump, GN is also able to provide the positive displacement pump which is an ideal feeding pump for decanter centrifuge, and the solid vacuum pump for high solid content material transferring especially in hazardous area.

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Aug 07

As one sister company of GN Solids ControlGN Separation & Conveying mainly focuses on industrial solids and liquid separation and conveying. GN Separation & Conveying product line covers 2 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase disc-centrifuge, screw press, industrial pump. 
COVID-19 brought a great lose to the whole world, luckily to say that more and more countries have get it fully controlled, companies are resumed to work and people can enjoy life under proper protection. With all the great lead work by China government, now China is only have very few cases, we are proud to participate in the IE Expo 2020 in Shanghai. 

2020.08.05 Oil Sludge Treatment 2

IE Expo China 2020 is one of the leading environmental shows in Asia, it will be held from Aug.13-15th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Last year, there were nearly 74,000 visitors from almost 60 countries came to this show. 
GN Separation will bring 1. Oil Sludge Treating System, 2. Waste Water Treating Centrifuge, 3. Sludge Vacuum Pump to IE Expo. 
GN booth no. is W1  (G69/F69), welcome to visit us if you have plan to come to this show. You may connect with to make an appointment. 
1.Oil Sludge Treating System
GN made oil sludge treating system is especially designed to treat oil sludge from drilling rig sites, refinery plant and oil tank bottom. With more and more companies paying attention to environmental protection, GN oil sludge treating systems are getting popular. 
It mainly includes pre-treating tank, shaker treating unit, 2 phase centrifuge treating unit and 3 phase centrifuge treating unit. After treated by GN oil sludge treating system, customers can get clean water, clear oil and dry solids. 

2020.08.05 Waste Water Expo 2
2.Waste Water Treating Centrifuge
GN centrifuge is largely used in more than 60 countries. GN Separation manufactures 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuges. Based on the treating purpose (clarifying, dewatering, thickening etc), GN provides P type, Y type, C centrifuges with different cone angles and L/D rations. 

2020.08.05 Waste Water Expo
3.Sludge Vacuum Pump
GN sludge vacuum pump is one of the tough pumps that is able to transfer and move solids up to 80%. An air compressor must be equipped in order to provide the working pressure, GN has 10B, 20B and 40B vacuum pump classified by the feeding flow rate.

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Aug 04

GN Solids Control is a leading drilling mud cleaning system manufacturer, with customers in over 70 countries and regions are using GN made solids control and waste management systems. Both onshore and offshore drilling rigs can use GN drilling mud cleaning systems 
Last week, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of one set of drilling mud cleaning system for a offshore platform, it will help to treat those dirty mud come out of drilling rigs and provide clean mud to reuse. Here are the main components in this GN Drilling Mud Cleaning System.

2020.07.17 Offshore Mud System

1.GN Shale Shaker
GN Shale Shaker is effective coarse drill particles remove equipment. By using different API nos. Of shaker screens, GN Solids Control made shale shaker is able to eliminate most of those solids larger than 100 microns. 
Linear motion shaker is strong enough to provide enough vibration force and keep the drilling mud from fall into small pieces. GN Solids Control also provide dual motion shale shaker with ellipse running choice. 
2.GN Mud Cleaner
GN Mud Cleaner is a compact treating unit includes 10 inch cyclones, 4 inch cyclones and bottom shale shaker. As we all know, 10 inch cyclone is also called de-sander, which is usually used to eliminate solids larger than 55 microns, while 4 inch cyclone also called de-silter which are normally used to remove 25+ microns particles. 
GN shale shake and GN mud cleaner are fixed on the top of one mud tank, suitable to resist long time sea water rusty. 

2020.07.17 Offshore Solids Control System
3.GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is widely used as feeding pump in solids control and waste management area. GN designed offshore drilling mud treating system is easy to connect all pipes with fast connections in a short period. All centrifugal pumps are designed with a DNV lifting frame, which is certified with DNV lifting standard. 
4.GN Screw Conveyor
Drill cuttings discharged from Shale shaker and mud cleaner are collected and transferred by screw conveyor. GN Solids Control is able to customized built screw conveyors in different lengths with different materials.

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Jul 27

To meet the sepecial ambient requirement, we have done a lot of modifications accordingly, after lots of drilling waste equipment sent to Russia, we recently delivered another set. A verticle cuttings dryer and a intermediat tank within a 20ft container.For easier operation, a lifting device is included. Also proper railings, steps etc equipped for site real operation.

GN Decorated Container

The container is not just the shipping conatiner, it is well decorated, lots of details engineered to keep the inside warm, to well support the equipment, and for easier mantaining of the equipment in future.

Also many details for interaction with the other equipment on site.

GN Cuttings Dryer

GN Cuttings Dryer is also called Vertical Cuttings Dryer as the separating flight and screw basket are built in the vertical direction. After treated by GN cuttings dryer, oil on the final cuttings is less than 5%.

The model GN Solids Control provide is GNCD930E, 930 means the screen basket size is 930 mm, and E is the update version that GN built. GN Solids Control has been keeping upgrading all solids control and waste management equipment based on the valuable feed backs collected from different work sites.

Treating capacity is around 30-50 t/h. GN Cuttings dryer has 3 different sizes of screen basket openings include 0.25, 0.35 and 0.5 mm. For convenient repair and maintenance, GN Solids Control also provides one lifting crane to lift the screen basket.

We are able to cutstomize any system for any tuff site environment. Feel free to contact us to let us know your specific requirement.

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Jul 27

GN Solids Control is a leading solids control equipment manufacturer and turnkey drilling waste management system provider. Every year, GN Solids Control provides hundreds of large turnkey solutions to global customers. GN Solids Control product line covers shale shaker, de-sander, de-sitler, mud cleaner, cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge as well as various of transfer equipment like centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, submersible pump and screw pump etc. 
When treat high density oil sludge and large viscosity drill cuttings, it’s very necessary to use chemical dosing system. Several weeks ago, GN Solids Control provides a Containerized Chemical Dosing System for Dewatering Centrifuge to Africa. As we all know, GN centrifuge is mainly used to eliminate solids larger than 2-5 microns. In order to remove those finer particles, chemical dosing unit can help to unit all finer particles so centrifuge separate them out. 

2020.07.08 Polymer Dosing Unit

GN Solids Control builts different sizes or types of Chemical Dosing Systems. This system we provided to Africa is a containerized one.It mainly includes polymer dosing unit, PAC dosing unit, dosing tanks, air conditioner and decorated container. All components are designed in a compact structure, so it can move easily among different sites. 

1.Three Tank Automatic Powder Polymer Mixing System
Depend on the centrifuge flow rate, GN Solids Control can built different types of automatic powder polymer mixing system. 3 mixing agitator includes motors, gear boxes, shafts and impellers are using to mixing the powder thoroughly. Level meter is used to keep the liquid in a certain level. 2 sets dosing pumps are used to feed the flocculants into decanter centrifuge after maternity.   

2020.07.08 Chemical Dosing System

2.Coagulant Mixing Tank
Coagulant mixing tank is used to supply coagulant into decanter centrifuge which is also equipped with dosing pump. PH value can be adjusted in the coagulant mixing tank. 

2020.07.08 Dosing Tank

3.Container Attachments
Air container is provided to provide a proper working environment for operators. All the control panels and lights systems are also provided.

2020.07.08 PAC Dosing Unit
2020.07.08 Air Conditioner

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Jul 10

GN design and manufacture waste management system for hydrovac slurry treatment and directional drill slurry. The solution is to use liquid and solids separation equipment to treat soil or soup or slurry generated from the hydrovac or HDD project and produce reusable material for construction and discharge clean water.

Normally, the slurry is contaminant-free comes from physical utility location in public right of ways, and directional drillingfor placement of underground pipes or utilities or other private property construction.

GN Hydrovac System Features

1) Complete Package design for Turnkey Solutions

2) Many years field proven experience

3) 4 Phase Separation System for better result

4) Modularized system for fast installation and flexible movement.

4 Phase Mechanical SeparationA standard hydrovac slurry separation system generally includes, scalping shaker, fine screening, desilter, then decanter centrifuge. If needed, desander cones can be added in between shaker and desilter, then it would be 5 phase.

Depends on site arrangements, what we have so far, is the vacuum truck dive backwards to a higher stand, dump thru a big hopper, which collectively leads everything to the scalping shaker, which separate most of the big solids out, the fluid then been transfered to a shale shaker which equipped finer shaker screens, to separate the finer particles out. Same as last step, the pump feed it to the desitler cyclones, thur the cylone fluids been pumped to the decanter centrifuge, the solids dewatered by the screens underneath.

The decanter centrifuge is final stage, considering the high solids content, this is actuall the most important step, normally also have some polymer ready for dosing the floating particles. After this, then all the solids stackable, water is reuseable.

written by desander desilter

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